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  1. Like Jesus said if they called the head of the house the prince of demons they will call you even worse names. The thing Satan triez to do to the spiritual babe, the grunt per say is to try to confuse him of Gods will, to try to make even himself to seem as God, to approve of sin (shall we keep onsinning so grace increases?) to make the grunt doubt and confuse Gods word. But hallelujah! Gods word will never change. A mature Spiritual person has dicernment as that of a marksman and the faith strength in heavy persecution as that of a Lion or a tank. Its why we are not moved by every new doctrine, anyone who preaches a different gospel is cursed already.

    Our commander and chief is the Lord Jesus, the ruler above every ruler power or principality, for he alone is the Lord of Hosts.

    I tell you out of personal current experience many who were ones of the kingdom of light have become rooks in a chess game of the wicked one, who only comes to kill steal and destroy and confuse. Gods word is the ONLY true dicerning tool we have, these peeps are storing great wrath on the day of judgment. God has told me the axe is at the root, for many have come representing him in a true way one season and shifting all together another, as an angel of light they masquerade.

    Judgment of the Most High God is heavy for they themselves deny that their will be judgment. If their is no judgment then Christ never resurrected and is all in vain. But he did so we fight with precision armed with the word to the teeth with faces as flint targeting every demonic stronghold and every argument that sets it self against the word of God.

    Can use the word to manipulate but the Author is not mocked. Many are picking poisoned berries. From prickly bushes and calling it grapes of harvest. To them impending judgment and doom is coming. For its better to tie a rock around your neck than to cause one of Gods little ones to stumble and as Paul said whoever is confusing you, whoever he may be will pay the price.

    Its easy to confuse the enemy of our souls if we don’t know Gods word but no one having read the word can be confused. Their is simply no excuse just an execution of pending judgment.
    Christ gave himself in full and at what price. If the apostles suffered and Paul was crucified at what cost should we even concider our selves worthy to carry his sandals or to bicker and complain, shall we be as Israel in the days of the wilderness where they tested the Lord your God? Truly truly many are sliding and walking down this path, trampling the blood if the covenant as unholy and insulting the Spirit of Grace, by whome we are sealed.

    It is a sad thing. Anyone who denies Gods Holy Word is of the antichrist. For Gods word is sharper than ANY two edged sword. Best part is that not even all the nuclear bombs on earth can make his word disappear or change.

    For every idle words we speak we will give account. We aught to be righteous judges separating and able to separate the truth from the lies by shewing our selves approved unto the word of God. The world is filled with temptation but woe unto the one who does the tempting.

    Gods word will never change or fade to know the word is to know him, for he is the word alive.


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