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Who Among You Has Elevated Propaganda? — 6 Comments

  1. What I do know is that there is a significant event that is happening this weekend as part of cop 27 on Mount sinai with respect to the Abrahams religions coming together to create a new 10 commandments related to the environment. This coming together is not conspiracy and is significant. Because that was one thing I was shown in 2014 and is now happening very evidently. I am grateful for seeing what I saw because this, as well as certain other things were shown to me but by the devil as if it were a good thing. When they are not at all. What I felt was that all Abrahams children will come back together. Now given they are making up new commandments and repenting as one ecumenical group and as if there are no differences between any of us shows me how dangerous a time we live in. I have been shown so much more how all this ties together that I couldn’t possibly write it all here. But certainly there is much that people need to be convicted of and repent of. Or they will sadly remain on the broad road and we all know where it leads to. The devil offered me the world during this period of my life in 2014. Standing on scripture and against it all was so hard to do because the devil can be entrancing, beguiling, spiritual and very real. We all need to pray for discernment in these days more than ever and not be drawn in to what looks like the light but is in fact the false one.
    I am grateful I was allowed to go through what I did because I can help others where I can do.

  2. Thank you for this message.
    The wording was so exactly what God has been showing me about some events in my life. For some years now what happened made no sense to me. But now it does and what I have felt recently was that I saw beyond the veil to understand the enemy’s tactics and I also know that I was allowed to be under an intense attack in order to understand what is now happening or has since happened that I wasn’t aware of either till very recently.

  3. Yes I believe solidly that the word of the Lord is birthing in the earth right now in this day we are going to watch an unraveling of truth we will watch desperate people attempt to run disinformation propaganda to keep the disunity and division going but it will not work this is God s time. The people who spread this propaganda whoever you are even those who think they are so big and so great with so much knowledge that king Solomon would pause to listen to your —————– The day of reckoning is here and the judge presiding over this court knows the truth knows your heart and sees right through any agenda when this is over we will be able to look around and see who remains who was truly on the Lords side

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