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  1. Where in the Bible do you see that someone was refused healing? I would love to see that scripture so I can be convinced. There is no healing for me.

    • The Bible says that he would be zealous for the house of God. He turned over the tables and cast out the wickedness from the temple. We are now the temple of God, and all the more he will be zealous for our temple to cast out all evil, seeing is evil and sickness is evil. He promises us good things he keeps no good thing from us. Health is a good thing I believe he uses these situations to catch your attention but I do not believe we are to stay. We are to change and then are healing will come.

  2. Great post!  Preachers are teaching that…. ALL christians will be healed by the Lord and that’s simply not true. And it’s not always because of sin or lack of faith. People really need to read and study the bible to get revelation. Also seek the Lord for answers to questions about everything. God bless!

  3. Hi, Mena,

    since I have been suffering from chronical illnesses and other pain issues who come and go, It is seldom to find such a biblical view from prophets out of Charismatic circles..
    In my search for answers I found such verses like the one you cited in the whole Bible!! The prophets of old especially, the writers of the Psalms, Job, Jeremiah, who greatly suffered all directed the trials and pain at GOD!
    This seems to be hidden for many preachers today who only point out the Goodness of God and not his righteousness.
    Even in the NT we find the same characteristics. He chasitses as a father to prevent us from being condemned (1.Kor.11 and Hebr. 12, Rom. 8:28).
    The whole counsel of God needs to be taught….!

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