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Will We Be Stubborn or Yield to The LORD’s Command — 12 Comments

  1. The Donkey, among other things, is symbolic of the US Democratic Party.
    However, given the simplicity and limited scope of the vision, and given the position and antics of the Democratic Party today, I’d aver that the simplest & most obvious interpretation of the vision is the most appropriate under today’s circumstances.
    Further, other prophets on this platform has made specific links between Donkeys and the Democratic Party in recent visions.
    And it has also been said here recently that the Lord is making changes to moral character.  For Him to do that, in the ruling political party, would that not be akin to doing it in the population?
    Remember, the Democratic Party now comprises the US Gov. So they’re the authority here that the Lord holds liable US nation. Again, would that not be akin to doing it in the population?
    The next few months will show this to be true or not, as both the Lord and the voters tire of the present administration. 
    Perhaps the question is whether the Lord will act unilaterally and sovereigly against those in power, or as is His norm, through the voters or…. the churches!? 
    As the Donkey did not die when pieces were removed, these were not physical pieces. The Lord wants change, not death.

  2. Surely we must try the spirits on everything, Maria! That i know. When we listen to input, we can learn but still must do so.

    I will not take up for myself or try to dignify my responses. I don’t receive everything I hear but do know I was only trying to operate within the body of Christ. There was some good replies on the thread I felt.

    The Lord has shown me a lot of visions and dreams for many years. Also Prophetic Words of the end times. My heart is always to be pure in all things.

    Still, what I meant by my gifting not strong with interpretations, was simply when after I pray after awhile I may then feel led to check with others that may have some understanding also.

    It is not a one man show. I’m not talking about the world, but within a true body of Christ.

    We must weigh out what others give us, and either receive it or not.

  3. Jesus rode upon a donkey (John 12:14). The greatest wisdom was paired with the greatest foolishness (a sub-adult donkey). Actually, the greatest wisdom was contrasted with the greatest foolishness. God’s foolishness is greater than man’s wisdom (1 Cor 1:25).

  4. I think this may relate to King Saul as a type, for the reason that the quoted Samuel 15: 22-23 is specifically addressed to him, and also because the early biblical account of his life sees him trying to find donkeys.  King Saul was someone who looked good in the eyes of man, followed man rather than God, had built a monument to himself, and ended up in witchcraft.  King David is a different type, not an obvious choice for king, but who, despite his faults, is a man after God’s own heart.  Stubbornness, however, is not one of his faults, as seen when he quickly repented after Nathan had revealed to him his sin. 

    I believe that God is going to replace in the body of Christ a Saul-type leadership with David-type leadership.  It may be that for a Saul-type there can be personal repentance to become a David-type.  But, I think many may remain too stubborn – or set in their ways – to be able to repent, so that in the main there will be a changing of the guard. 

    However, stubbornness still remains a danger for each of us.

    • @ Mark Roberts Thank you much. This is well put together and makes sense also as what Sandi got. It can all fit together and that is what I love as all operating to see what the Lord shows us.

  5. Peace in Jesus’ Name!
    Interested, challenged, available and eager.
    … “pieces” being taken out? “Pieces” like … eye? Heart? Tongue?
    Would prefer private exchange …
    God bless!

    • To answer honestly, I don’t know what parts?? It was just a quick vision but it appeared to be big parts of the donkey.
      Thank you much for your repy. For the body of Christ to work together as a whole, I believe it’s better keep all answers on this thread. That way if others were to answer we could all see. God bless.

      • Joyce, I sense as in dreams, your vision of a donkey is re: stubborness but the first statement you made was you had a vision of a donkey and he was FIGHTING MAD! As I read it, I heard the Lord say the Donkey here is symbolic of the Democratic party and those who are a part of and following are certainly rebellious but also heavily in witchcraft and iniquity. As for the parts, stubborness is as iniquity and the body is many parts but the motive of the heart is control, the mouth is speaking lies, the body could also be the followers who are seen also as pieces of the Donkey Democrats. A vision is a picture of the overall actions. Blessings, Sandi

        • Thank you, Sandi. This makes sense and I truly appreciate your insight and wisdom. It identifies with my spirit. Love you sister.

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