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  1. Yes, Hebrew can drive you crazy .. and the true depth of The Spirit can give you a room swirl.

    Cowboy up

    I had a six four preacher tell me he was at Tel Aviv University and quit after two weeks. He got his first glimpse of all the depth and rabbit trails of Hebrew and it scared him

    Thank you Lord for all the horses

    Lt b

  2. My new prayer in Hebrew .. Sher.ay’ h’am l’rasha

    Unravel the bond of the family of the wicked

    If you will study the “Hebrew Letter meanings” of digital time all day long when you are seeking the time of day .. it will give you a spiritual message also .. example one means God A, two means temple or the woman of the house Bet, three means judgement reward and recompense, four means lifted up forgiven dally, five means hand H, six means conjunction, seven means complete, eight means good, nine means war to well favored, ten means the saved or the ten tribes .. 1111 1234 1248 all mean alignment .. what God has spoken is coming true.

    Time is a working of the Holy Spirit

    Lt b

  3. Psa 137:4 How shall we sing Adoni’s Song .. in a strange land?

    Here is David’s real time treat .. giving voice to those who shall loose his Temple .. circa 400 years after his death. We are standing in their shoes today .. quoting him (thank you David) the beat goes on

    Question along these lines .. “Why did Mary come to Jesus and tell him the party was out of wine” .. Answer: this wasn’t her first rodeo, he had been performing miracles for her all his life from an infant?

    As you read the Bible, don’t turn off your brain

    Lt b

  4. Did Yahovah show David what would be accomplished by his Son in building the first Temple, and what would happen circa 400 years later when it fell and the people were carried off to Babylon and hung their harps in the willows and were then asked to sing them a song.

    Did David ever predict that Solomon would not produce Mary but the fourth son would .. and why Solomon the Temple Builder would not produce or be in the direct lineage of Christ?

    My questions and search on the Net has yielded zero. Thanks.

    Lt b

    • At a search engine ask “was King David a Prophet”

      Is the whole world asleep? Psa 137 is truly a work of art

      Lt b

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