Won’t God Do It?

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Won’t God Do It?

Won’t God Do It?  Oh Yes He Will!

The promises of God are “Yes and Amen!”  They are not yes than no.

They are not maybe so or probably.  The promises of God are Yes.  Will he save you?

Yes!  Will he deliver you?  Yes!  Will he bring the provision you need?  Yes he absolutely will!

For all the promises of God are in him yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

Amen means, “so be it!”  It means it is already done!

However one problem some have in entering those promises is while God is saying, “Yes it is already done!”

They find themselves over here saying, “No God I can’t do it” to what he wants.

God is looking for those “Yes” men and “Yes” women who will cry out, “Here I Am Lord send me.  Yes I will handle it!  Yes I will speak it!  And Yes Lord I will make it happen!”

He is looking for that Abraham to say, Here I am Lord when he needs you to make a sacrifice.

He is looking for that Moses to represent him before kings.  He is looking for that Samuel when he needs someone to minister in the church.  That one that will say “Yes Lord, here I am!”

Jesus was that “Yes” man always about his Father’s business.  Even in the garden of Gethsemane when he said, Nevertheless not my will, but thine be done!

Your promises God is saying yes and Amen to them.  Won’t he do it!  Oh yes he will!

But when he calls for you, will you say, “Yes Lord, I will do it!”

They Wouldn’t Bend!

They wouldn’t bend, they wouldn’t bow and they wouldn’t burn!  The fourth man was in that furnace with them.

I am speaking to your fiery trial right now that you are not alone.

The fourth man is in that fire with you.  You will quench the violence of the flames, you will escape the edge of the sword, in this moment of weakness you will be made strong!

Not even a hint of smoke will be upon you and the devil will tremble as you make your valiant exit.

You will be Unharmed!


Dana Jarvis

Dana JarvisDana Jarvis has a calling upon her life and Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry came from a Word the LORD spoke to her.  His words resonated in her Spirit and is what Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry is all about ~ to Equip, Empower, Encourage, and Raise Up his Sons and Daughters for such a time as this!
A Prophetic Seer/ Intercessor, Minister, Author & Christian Coach/ Prophetic Mentor, Dana is blessed by Abba to be one of His Leading Ladies for such a time as this.  Feel free to contact Dana as she would love to hear from you!

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