Word of the LORD to Remnant Sons & Daughters

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A Word of the LORD:
to Remnant Sons and Daughters   1

A Word of the LORD to the Remnant Sons and Daughters, the Bridal Company, My Holy Ones.

Says the LORD:

“This is the hour of Restoration of all things spoken by My Holy Prophets since time began.

You are My chosen vessels, My handiwork.  Rise up and shine, for the anointing, the Grace the Glory, and the mantle of Restoration and Reformation are upon you.

You are My Restorers, My Reformers, My Revivalists, My instruments of transformation and My Divine Change Agents for your Families, Churches, Cities, Regions and Nations.

The hour is dark, and many can only see darkness for the World, and that is all that they can see, the darkness and hopelessness.

For as My Son is and was, the Light of the World, and He Passed the baton on to you, My Holy Ones.

You are the City that is Shining on the hill.  You are My beacons of light.  You are My vessels of Hope and Mercy.  You are the manifestation of My Kingdom, My Royal Sons and Daughters, My Kings and Priests, My Prophets, My Mouth pieces.

I have given you Power and Authority to shift things, to change things, to stand in the gap and Intercede, to turn mankind from darkness to light, from the Power of Satan, to the Power of God, to turn them from darkness, to light!

Surely, says the LORD, I AM releasing greater power and Prophetic unction on your words, whether they are written or spoken.

The power of Hope and the power of Change is in your words, and the power of Faith which is activated, energized, motivated and released by the power of My Love.

So begin to Prophesy like never before. Prophesy to the individuals, the Families, the Churches, the Cities, the Regions, and the Nations.

Prophesy Change, Prophesy Repentance, Prophesy My Judgments.  For when My Judgments are on the Earth, then will the inhabitants learn righteousness.

Prophesy them from darkness into light; out of captivity, into the glorious liberty of the children of God, for all of creation is waiting, travailing for the manifestation of the Sons.

And you, My beloved, are the Divine solution for that which is troubling the Nations.
Go forth and proclaim My Kingdom, unto the ends of the Earth.”


A Word of the LORD:
to Remnant Sons and Daughters   2

A Word of the Lord to the remnant sons and daughters.  I hear the LORD say,

“This is your hour of sealing.

I’m sealing your hearts your minds; your plans that are of Me; your destinies.

To you who have been faithful and have continued to look to Me as the Author and Finisher of your faith the work that I have begun in you, I shall surely finish it.

You shall stand before Me perfected and completed by My grace.

My Glory is rising within you in greater and greater measures.  The world shall look and see my Son Jesus in His people, His bride.

My sons and daughter, they shall no longer see your wounds and your scars, but they shall see My glory in you, for I the LORD, am beautifying the meek with salvation.  A salvation to your souls, where your spirit and souls shall be one and work and operate as one.

I AM causing My mind to rise within My people and posses there minds with the mind of Christ.

This is My marvelous glorious work that I AM unveiling in and through My people who have fully surrendered and made themselves available to Me to do My work in, and through them.”

Both Received: 2014

Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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Word of the LORD to Remnant Sons & Daughters — 2 Comments

  1. Faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth The Risen Christ Apostle Kevin Nugent Can i have your email my name is Kevin Thompson from South Africa Richards Bay and what you speak is Truth