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Tuned into Satan’s Frequency? — 4 Comments

  1. Mark I have been following your prophecies since you were on TruNews in April 2016. I have prayed for America declaring & decreeing the words God has given you to tell His people. It seems like so many obstacles are hitting inside & outside of America & evil rising all over America. I have not done spiritual warfare as much before the election. I do pray but have not interceded like I know I should but reading this word from God I am refreshed & fuel to rise up as one of many God’s Army. I would like to send this to Lance Wallnau to put on his 7m Underground. This word goes along with his conference in Orlando in October to teach how to infilitrate the enemy.

  2. Mark

    Your prophecies are from God and I want to include them on my website, giving you and your blog the credit, of course.

    You have written that God is calling us from doom and gloom to fight Satan’s war on our nation.  I so agree. I have been publishing your prophecies for comfort and direction to the USA.

    In the spirit of that effort, I have written a piece: The American Manifesto … I am an American because.  I believe this unites us all under the will of God and is something we can all agree on (except atheists). 

    You can copy it from my website: http://www.TheEndTimeDigest.com.

    Thank you for your great work,

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