Tuned into Satan’s Frequency?


The Spirit of God says, “Why are you tuned into the enemy’s frequency?

Why aren’t you tuned into mine?

Why do you listen to the doom and gloom?

Do you not realize that they are tuned into the enemy’s airwaves?

I said, go through out all the earth and preach my gospel, the good news!  Then why is there so much doom and gloom?

Why are you siding and agreeing with the enemies plans?  Repent!

You give more airtime to the enemies plans than mine, thus empowering his plans.  Did I not say that life and death are in the power of the tongue?

Then speak life!  Why are My leaders searing the consciousness of My people with doom and gloom teaching?

You who preach doom and gloom are robbing my people of hope and the will to fight.  You are no longer saving lives but taking them.

How you might ask?  Your doom and gloom messages have robbed them of hope to the point of suicide!  You prophets and pastors of doom and gloom now have blood on your hands!  You are prophesying your own doom!  Repent!”

The Spirit of God says, “The news media, the news media, you have become a stench unto my nostrils, there is no spirit of truth in you.

I the LORD God will clean out the news media and bring back truth.  The sign will be given when news outlets will go down, bankrupt, and I the LORD God will rebuild them using My righteous people to restore them.

I AM calling on My Army, those who are chosen to be journalists, investors, to get ready to take your place as I tear down and rebuild my news media.”

The Spirit of God says, “Where are my billionaires and millionaires?

Why are you not buying out these news outlets and taking control?

That money I gave you was for My Kingdom, to advance My Kingdom in all areas of influence.  Now is the time to move into My news media!

I will now take back what belongs to me using My Army and the finances I have given them.

Rise up My Army and take back My news media so the Spirit of Truth will begin to flow.

This is a fight the enemy does not want to see, he has held this stronghold for too long and his time is up.

Take this fight to the enemy and My Army will be victorious and My media will be brought back to Me.”


~ Mark Taylor

Mark TaylorMark Taylor



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Tuned into Satan’s Frequency? — 4 Comments

  1. Mark

    Your prophecies are from God and I want to include them on my website, giving you and your blog the credit, of course.

    You have written that God is calling us from doom and gloom to fight Satan’s war on our nation.  I so agree. I have been publishing your prophecies for comfort and direction to the USA.

    In the spirit of that effort, I have written a piece: The American Manifesto … I am an American because.  I believe this unites us all under the will of God and is something we can all agree on (except atheists). 

    You can copy it from my website: http://www.TheEndTimeDigest.com.

    Thank you for your great work,

  2. Mark I have been following your prophecies since you were on TruNews in April 2016. I have prayed for America declaring & decreeing the words God has given you to tell His people. It seems like so many obstacles are hitting inside & outside of America & evil rising all over America. I have not done spiritual warfare as much before the election. I do pray but have not interceded like I know I should but reading this word from God I am refreshed & fuel to rise up as one of many God’s Army. I would like to send this to Lance Wallnau to put on his 7m Underground. This word goes along with his conference in Orlando in October to teach how to infilitrate the enemy.