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Wrecked by His Presence — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for being obedient to share this word. By allowing the LORD to speak through you, you have giving so many of children hope that feel broken. I bless the name of the LORD on today for HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!

  2. Dana, thanks so very much for this very beautiful word. I always relate to the seashells and the ocean of His love when I am blessed to walk in the sand and swim in the sea. My collection of tons of seashells always remind me of that each one is beautiful and different in shape and color just like God’s people. Yes some are weathered, broken and yet still so beautiful for who and whose they are. Bless your beautiful heart, Sandi Holman

  3. Amen. Glorious King

    Glorious King
    Seated in the highest place,
    Given the Name above all names,
    Glorious King.

    Worthy of the highest praise,
    Giver of eternal days,
    Glorious King.
    All the earth declares Your praise,
    Speaks the glories of Your name,
    Glorious King.
    All creation joins in song,
    Lifting up our voice as one,
    Glorious King, glorious King.
    We come and bow.
    We come and bow before our King,
    Our glorious King.
    Glorious King,
    All the nations bow in awe,
    Every king and priest will fall
    To their knees.
    Glorious King,
    On that day Your truth will reign,
    We’ll sing the glories of Your name,
    Glorious King, glorious King.

  4. Dear Dana, thank you for sharing these precious words of yours. I am one of those shells. Thank you for these words, they are a confirmation for me. I hug you tightly, blessings from Italy.

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