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“The Storehouse of My Blessings” — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you that word was confirmation on Tuesday Morning.  He spoke, He released blessings to His people we will truly experience Deutronomy 28:1-14 as never before. This the year of Divine Favor and an Acceptable Year in Isaiah 61 the Amplified bible refer it as The Year of The Lord’s Favor. Thank You I receive this word

  2. Precious sis June, thankyou for your faithfulness.

    I heard a similar Word from the Lord while praying. The Lord said that He has already released the abundance of blessings upon His Church and we should rejoice greatly in thanksgiving henceforth. His Spirit confirms through you that the blessings are tremendous, and they are beyond our ability to contain!!! You are so accurate in your prophetic word!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. All glory belongs to Him.

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