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You are Carrying a Three Generational Mantle — 6 Comments

  1. What an awesome word! It is a revelation and answer to several dreams I had concerning a mantle passed down from my father after his death. I even dreamed recently that two childhood friends I used to race against. I always came in last. But they were sprinters and I was built for long distance running (a coach told me). I now ran against them as we were adults in the dream and I beat them with ease. Even with my pants too long. I heard the words “this is the race I designed for you”!

  2. Found this word by Holy Spirit and it answered a dream I had about three mantles given me in a dream, that I had couple of months ago… this answered it, although I wasn’t really looking for the meaning of the dream… wow the answer found me and fits like a piece of a puzzle. thank you!!

  3. Thank you, Jo Ellen, for releasing this word. Few are words that witness in my spirit, but this is one of them. It has greatly encouraged me.

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