It Starts With Us

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In Due Time

We are going to have to ‘stir up’ the gift that is within us.  If we have begun to see, that God had plans for us all along, we are going to have to grab ahold, and hang on, to what we were promised.  It is in my spirit to declare, that every gift, every talent and every calling, was given to us for a reason.  God never intended, for those things not to be used.  I am thinking that by now, we have begun to see, we have come to a certain place in time; a place the prophets foretold of.  It is truly, now upon us all.

Years ago, I might have heard that this was all about training; I just did not realize, it might take a lifetime to get there.  Many will agree; we knew we were given certain gifts; things we sought for and even paid a price for.  It likely did not occur to most of us, that some of these things, were for a different time.  I must be honest.  I thought we would have been able to use the Gifts of the Spirit; I honestly thought that most of our people, wanted it also.  I don’t always understand God’s time table.  Was most of it thwarted?

I don’t know very much, but I can’t believe now, that God did not know that we were not going, where we said we were going.  He knew; He knew very well.  God’s people, wandered many years in the wilderness, because they did not believe His messengers.  Two said they could possess it; but the majority said, they couldn’t.  Even after all of the mighty wonders and deeds that God had done before their very eyes, the miraculous ways that He had delivered them and provided for them, they didn’t believe and trust Him.

This will only make sense to certain people.  It is very frustrating and very disappointing, to know you have gifts from the Holy Ghost, but you are not encouraged to use them.  In fact, you are smothered; even rejected. We are going to have to believe something we’ve all quoted for years.  All of these experiences, these feelings of loss, this wide-eyed hurt about it, was all a part of a bigger plan.  The end-times, require special preparation and training.  There is going to be a big showdown.  The Holy Ghost will triumph.

It almost broke me; in fact, it did break me.  I had never felt so disillusioned, in all of my life.  Everything I prayed and fasted for, all of the studying I had done; all of the wonderful things the Holy Ghost taught me, seemed so in vain.  I gave up; I confess it. It all seemed so wasted.  But, God had a plan.  Just because His people did not cross over into the promised land then, did not mean they weren’t ever going to.  See, God can wait.  The venue may have changed; but the plan has not.

Stay humble; it will not tarry.

It Starts With Us

After the last post, I couldn’t help but think of some things.  I want to begin with a sincere question: Can people trust us?  

Are we the kind of person, that someone can come to and share their heart; their mistakes, their shortcomings and their real feelings.  I think that the devil, has been attempting to keep us bogged down with a certain kind of thinking.  Let me state it this way; if I am really trying to treat people right, have a good spirit, and be trustworthy, I am not, the only one doing so.

Can I be the kind of friend to others, that I did not have myself.  We all have been burned, at one time or another.  And we’ve been betrayed by those we trusted and believed in the most.  We shared things with others, just to have it spread all over everywhere; we feel we can’t trust anyone.  We will not take that chance again.  You cannot be a sensitive caring person, and not get burned; sooner or later.  That’s life.  So what do we do?  Stop being a loving caring person and don’t reach out to anyone.  Harbor our own hurts.

Hopefully, in a kind manner, I want to address something someone said in response to another post.  Many of us, developed serious problems in our lives.  With no intention of doing so, we began to have trouble with drinking, doing drugs and even more personal kinds of things.  And you know what?  We had to go outside the church as we knew it, to get help.  For one thing, we could not trust anyone; we would have been judged too harshly.  And as some just stated, what we shared, would have been spread among saints.

But we found it.  We found a certain program, where keeping your mouth shut about each others faults, was the only way to survive.  Perhaps for the first time, we could share our mistakes, our disappointments and all of our real feelings; with our group and with another person; and get some true understanding and healing.  We found James’s message, in action.  It was called the 5th Step.  I was confused.  I could not understand, why there were people outside of the church, that were much more loving and caring.

People don’t believe it yet, but we have entered a time, like no other.  I say this with great sadness and the fear of the Lord.  We’ve had some shaking.  But obviously, it wasn’t enough for some of us; we continue as we were and we’ve made all kind of excuses for not changing.  Many won’t think we need each other; but everything in me, tells me we will.  Will I be someone, others can trust.  Will I be so caught up in myself and my own world, that I cannot reach out to others, and let someone reach out to me?  Truth is, our faults are scattered to the wind anyway.  Real healing, must begin with us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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