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You Are the Fearless Ones on Fire! — 4 Comments

  1. My Dear Sister I have never been without words , My Father knows my heart , and I know this was for multitudes of others but word for ALL it was for me .  It was if the Lord sent His personal letter to me.  I wrote down every word, I call “Mapping it out” I didn’t want to miss one! word and respond as I wrote . I didn’t want to skim lightly .  This was a weighty message for Gods Eagles .  they will recognize and respond and hear His voice.  thank you for being faithful to His Voice .  I am benefitted by this.  I was stunned as I heard His call personally.  Dance like David ..I have said said that I would Dance like David . My legs have beeen under seige ,.. So it would seem impossible

  2. My God, my God woman of god. Good morning, I received a similar message. We are pyromaniacs of the Lord, We are human torches. Human combustion. The Lord brought me back to the fantastic 4 Johnny Storm. The human torch.. flame on! I can’t share the whole message but this is the word of the Lord this hour.  We all are HolyGhost pyromaniacs, We are the trailblazers. We are the fire starters! Camp fires shall be started. Barnfires shall be started.. Spontaneous combustion. I leave you with that. Continue to write As the Holy Spirit leads, this is Triumph watchman of the Lord.

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