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  1. As soon as I started to read, I heard,
    “Tell Sandi to put her hands on the building stand bare feet & declare, HOLY SPIRIT, BE THE ONLY SPIRIT IN THIS PLACE in Jesus name.”
    There have been many homes I couldn’t go into & slowly realizing it was Papa alerting me to be aware.
    Clearing my heart before Him, Armor on & Ablaze in His Blood, I know the place I’m in needs to be delivered & to the outside boundary.
    You are in the enemies camp, take it back in Jesus name

    • Dear Kim, You are so right! I have been battling that spirit of death in my husband’s house for years and now in this apartment complex..I am dealing with legions! Thanks for confirming what the Lord is saying. I had a real download right after posting this. Confirmation is always welcomed and so appreciated. Many blessings! Sandi Holman

      • I discerned you, NZ time & prayed in Tongues, then Papa let me see you in the Spirit wearing a white dress declaring the greatness of Papa.
        You have DOMINION over all that creeps, walks, swims & flies, yes, to stand against them can be draining, but you were not alone Sandi

  2. Sandi praise God for the light our Father God shed to you of all the correlations between the natural and the spiritual, in all you endured.

    Such a time we surely have never seen before! Still as we know the glory is being poured out so much stronger.

    Likewise correlations, in my own life but I won’t write the book here, lolol.

    I love you much my beloved friend and sister. Will continue to hold your hands up in prayer and intercession. ❤️

    To God be every bit of the glory. I love you sister.❤️

    • Dear Joyce, So good to be back on my feet in recovery. My hands still don’t like to text or write but GOD!!!!! I appreciate your sincere friendship and love more than words can say. It is the times we have only read about in HIS word and written about prophetically but REALITY is here and we must stay on our WATCH and be faithful to the end. Great is your reward my sister. You are one who flows in His love, covers with His heart and stands with His faithfulness. To God be the glory is so true..xoxo love back to you. Sandi

  3. Sandi I almost cried reading your story of what you have gone through.  May the Lord bless and restore all suddenly and bring you up even higher in your ministry.  I understand your pain as I have also struggled for almost two years with deaths in my family, including y husband and many other problems with clogged kitchen sink (recently) and therefore dishwasher being affected for a few days.  I am waiting for restoration of all things and also strenght to continue my walk with our Lord Jesus. Many blessings and comfort and love to you and yours!!!

    • It is always great to hear from you, MF. I receive that blessing and am believing that HE is indeed turning it all for good. May total and complete restoration be released to you as you press on filled with hope for tomorrow, strength for each day and renewed courage to fight to the end serving our Lord with all your heart. Much love and blessings to you as well, Sandi

  4. Sandy, I so related to your message and am so sorry for all you have gone through. We too have had similar things happen. Just recently I told my husband we needed another bulb in the ceiling for me to see clearly.  A few days ago, I came in off the patio, and the heat/AC vent cover was not in the vent.  My foot/leg went into the hole, and I was stuck and tried not to fall. My tea went flying.
    Tried to bang the window and my husband came in and pulled me out of the hole. Am praising the Lord as it could have been so much worse. A little cut on my ankle, a scraped elbow and am hurting all over. Such a simple thing and yet treacherous. Then a few months ago our upstairs toilet overflowed through the ceiling to the downstairs bathroom as there was a block the plumber still could not find. I said Lord this is prophetic. Also a sink issue and no running water for awhile.  Then a day ago, our kitchen spray tap had an issue and we have had a flood under the counter. Waiting on the part.  The day prior I said you are my Anchor. Then yesterday our mini schnauzer who will be 14 in January did not eat.  Last night she had bleeding and we really thought we would lose her.  About 14 years ago I posted a simple word, Batten Down the Hatches and am doing so and am applying the Blood of Jesus to everything. Was really pressed to take communion late last night and have been led to do so many times this week.  Did have one prayer breakthrough that I have been waring for over a year about, be answered.  We so need to see these prophetic parallels clearly.  Your message was such an encouragement as we war for the things of God. Thankyou dear Sandi for sharing you heart with us.  He is opening eyes to the battle we are in.  Will pray for you and am also looking into the magnesium oil.  Smile.  Love you sister, Patricia

    • Dear Patricia, Thank you so much for your confirmation of what I have discerned re: the tests, trials and attacks. It seems the same type attacks are happening to intercessors and faithful prayer warriors. I really do appreciate you sharing. Will be praying for you as we march on in these end times. Much love, Sandi

  5. Si,è così. Che Dio ci aiuti a guardare sempre a Lui!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Yes, it is. May God help us to always look to Him!
    Thanks♡” ]

    • You are so welcome, Marana. Thank you for your agreement. May our eyes be focused on the one who is our Helper. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

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