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  1. Yes, what a good word! I had a prophecy given over me from a wise counselor in 2017. He told me as he was asking the Lord what to tell me in our session the next day, he saw a picture of a large strong well constructed solid ship. He felt, ‘look closer’ and saw a strong ship that was not a cargo ship (not carrying baggage but people), anchored firmly in harbor, huge anchor and chain taunt and secure.  He felt it was being ‘retro-fitted’.  It was solid and good on the outside but being retrofitted for it’s owner’s purpose on the inside.  It was safe and secure while it was in harbour. It didn’t need direction at the moment and just was to ‘stand still’, but ‘direction was coming’.  May this be the time.  Bless you dear sister for this good word.

    • Bless you Mark for sharing this amazing vision. The revelation of us being the ship was new to me. We carry giftings that the world has need of. Also our voice to proclaim the gospel. So many layers to some of the Holy Spirit’s words.

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