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War and Famine Coming to America — 6 Comments

  1. War is coming. I’ve been preparing for it for the last 14 years. At 12 I started having out of body premonitions. I experienced hundreds of them. The majority of them have come to pass. The final ones are beginning.

    I do not believe it is the time when christ is coming back by any means. I believe it is the beginning of a war against America. Wars have happened for thousands of years. I think the next one is about to happen.

    Feel free to email me ethanfowler322@gmail.com. Be prepared.

  2. on the night of 14/07/2020, 15 year old daughter had a similiar dream.In the dream her father sent her to take honey to a certaim man who will change the honey into water..the honey took 6hours to turn into water..she shared the little bit of water with her friend and left home..upon arrival at home her father requested if she drank all the water she said no only little. He then replied she was supposed to drink all the water as a famine is heading this way!

  3. This is very helpful sister, thank you. The part about the Russian Czars from the 15th century seems to be very significant to me. Much confirmation in this as well. We need a supply chain that is completely separate from the existing system. Blessings!

  4. Very few are able to grow their own food and if there will be lack it will probably also be lack of seed.

    “The young lions (who have not yet learn to obey) do lack, and suffer hunger, but they that seek the LORD (in perfect obedience) shall not want any good thing. Ps.34:10

  5. This is an confirmation! In 1998 the Lord told me that 3 things will come over the earth! Pest the sword and famine! I told it to my family! They laugh at me! This is the hour where God will shake every thing that is not from Him! Be prepaired children of the Living God

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