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You Say Rapture – but I Say Rupture! — 10 Comments

  1. This witnesses with me too. … As I read this word, I was immediately reminded of two similar prophecies from back in 2009 (when I was part of an end-time prophetic intercessory prayer group) about land being broken up and disturbed swirling waters from beneath rising up to cause much damage.

    As I wrote this comment I just felt the Lord say “It is time.”

  2. AMEN!  YES-This so bears witness in my spirit! I am hearing the words- DISRUPTION & “THE GREAT DIVIDE!” “ Let us heed the warnings & OH Lord Have Mercy!!☝

  3. I am praying, I am watching.  Praise to the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus. 
    Thank you for faithfully following his Spirit and sharing the knowledge given by him.

  4. Note, that at the time of harvest the angels removed the tares. And in the days of Noah the wicked were taken away by the flood.
    But, may we see through New Covenant eyes and realize that the sword we carry is the Spiritual sword and not a physical sword as we read about during the Old Covenant age.
    May the flood that strikes in this era be the Tsunami of The Holy Spirit that REMOVES THE WICKEDNESS THAT’S IN THE HEART OF MAN – and brings forth TRUE repentance and GLORY unto His Name. Blessed be the Name of His Majesty King Jesus!

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