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  1. I just read this. I wrote a story two years ago and put it in my mobile uploads on my facebook and in it it says now I will shine alittle light on The darkness. I will expose its plan you see those who have the Holy Ghost learn of heavenly things wich I now have Thanks to my savior. But I once had a spirit of the antichrist in me and with it I learned of things of Hell. Things hidden becaus our blindness. You see it says it will stand where it shouldn’t in Gods temple confessing it is God. I done that well as it says we are the temple of God so actually it done that. And I saw how it was gonna deceive all its followers to death. Sad but true story. Anyway as its written he will come down and smite him out with the word of his mouth. That’s how I overcome it by reading all the words Christ spoke when He came down written in the Bible. God is good.My story is there for all to read but no one does. If you all would like to share it here contact me and I will send you a copy. Your friend in Christ Jeremiah.Amen to 1 Corinthians 13 GOD IS GOOD.

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