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  1. Dear Sister Barbara,
    I am so glad for your posts, especially those on relationships! It makes me sad that people hurt us, and even though we forgive, they still continue to hurt us, and not be accountable and responsible for their wrong words and actions! I was even “rebuked” by a friend, in the flesh, and whom I knew was definitely not in the Spirit! He did so in his capacity as pastor. No, I am not a member of his church. Now, the question I have is: what is the correct protocol for rebuking true prophets, and who would the right person to do the rebuking?
    I am at present in one such relationship, and now I am asking the Lord: Do I continue? Or do I stop/break such relationship? If I am to stop it, how do I do so, without hurting the other person?
    Your input would be greatly appreciated, for I know that there will be many who are in a similar position.
    Blessings, Paula

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