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  1. Oh for another “Iron Lady”; one who will lead with Judeo-Christian principles, both by word and example.
    However let me posit another possibility.  Glen YOUNGkin has just been elected Governor of Virginia, USA.  He was politically unknown a few months ago, but defeated Terry McAuliffe, who has been in politics for years.  He’s a former advisor to the Clintons and a former Governor of Virginia.  The clash has been referred to as David vs Goliath.  Recently parents in Virginia complained about inappropriate books being available in school libraries and about something called Critical Race Theory being taught.  McAuliffe’s response was that parents had no business having a say in school curricula.  This of course set off a firestorm, with Youngkin defending parents’ rights.  Youngkin won by only 2%, but that represented a 12% swing from Democrat to Republican in only 12 months!  It certainly defied all the pre-election polls.
    Youngkin looks like a rising star.  Let’s see whether his actions in the next 4 years match his campaign rhetoric.  Perhaps he will move from the Virginia State House to the White House.

  2. Dear Chris, what joyous news!!! As the Chair of a Conservative Women’s Organisation group, I direct your gaze to the Conservative Young Women’s groups. I am startled continuously at the incredible young women who are racing into politics presently. They are a force of nature, faster, cleverer, more amazing than any women I have seen so far in our field.

    How wonderful to know such freshness springing up from the Rock, as He is striking our world and calling for someone who will Go!!!! Hallelujah.

    Watch Liz Truss and those who run with her. I don’t think it is her, but she is running ahead so fast that only those who are fleet of foot can keep up. There are many amazing young women, but the thought that one of them will lead us out of our cul de sac, is worthy of a paon of Praise to His Name!!!!!!

  3. For your consideration:

    1Tim 4:12 NASB + Gk
    Let no one look down on your youthfulness (newness/neotes), but rather in speech (logos), conduct (up-turning), love (agape), faith (pistis) and purity (from Hagios), show yourself an example (type) of the believers (faithful>related to “pistis/faith + “peitho”/persuaded).

    Col 3:10 (check context too)
    And have put on the **new (NEOS/YOUNG,NEW>Rt of Neotes youthfulness) man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

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