Your cries pull on the next move of God

Your cries are pulling on the next great move of the Spirit of God


Just as your children trust you, how much greater should you trust Me, the Creator of the entire Universe.  I hear your every prayer, I know your every thought and I see the cry of your hearts.

I, the Lord, know all things.  When you sit down and when you rise, I know your thoughts even when I’m far away, and I love you.  I admonish you to trust and be at peace.  I AM with you every step of the way through every trial you have faced and every adversity you will face in the future.

As you have traveled this road and faced your bumps in the road and even a pit or two I was there.  As you have walked through the valleys and climbed upon the mountain, I have never failed you.  Even now I tell you, great and mighty blessings are coming forth in the midst of the trauma of the times and seasons of chaos around you Beloved!  You are living in the times many, have desired to live in and see.  None of your prayers have been in vain, I have heard each and every cry, each and every tender heart I have seen.

I have heard your cries entering My ears as a sweet incense to Me, your arms lifted in praise have drawn My gaze towards you, and YOUR CRIES ARE PULLING ON THE NEXT GREAT MOVE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN THE EARTH THAT HAS BEEN SET IN MOTION FOR “ALL WILL” EXPERIENCE MY KINGDOM COME!

You have not seen but have yearned to see.  You have been in preparation for this.  I have directed you to PREPARE My children, to FEED My sheep! Continue to prepare them for shortly the Glory will be more than some are prepared for.

Prepare, prepare and wait patiently!  Openly accept all that I have for you.  Let Me warn you that many will not understand the leading of My Spirit in this hour.  Follow Me!  Do not look back to the past, do not look back those who do not want to follow closely.  There are many who would stand afar off and many will even deny Me in the coming hours. “Pray for one another”!

Prepare yourself for these times.  I do nothing that I do not tell My prophets first.  Be diligent!

Follow closely!  Look for and listen for My leading intently.  I AM always speaking, though My children are not always listening.  Do not be one who does not listen but keep your ear turned towards Me at all times.

I will commune with you and you with Me.  I say, “Peace, be still.  Do not walk in fear! TRUST!  Rest in Me!”  Amen and Amen


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.


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