Uprooting Stubborn Spirits — 8 Comments

  1. Hallelujah Amenn Bless you Woman of God in Jesus name. This Blessed me and helped me so much Glory to God. Thank you for yielding yourself and allowing the Lord to speak through you to reach us his children. Grateful for your deliverance I Hope the same for me and my family & Loved ones. Please lift me in prayers sister Shalom.

  2. Thank you sister!  I was blessed by this.  By God’s Grace I have revelation on prayer and fasting.  I’ve seen it is truly powerful.  I’m in a battle now and this really encouraged me.  God bless you and your family.

  3. “There is such a strong root of bitterness in our nation.  We can see the evidence of it in the cries of injustice, the anger and the protests.  Bitterness is unfulfilled vengeance, and it’s a root cause of the outrage against police, the divisiveness and racial divide”

    I appreciate your article about stubborn spirits and find it helpful.  However, if you are not the victim of injustice it’s easy to pretend or actually believe this is SOMETHING NEW. The racial divide did not begin recently, but started centuries ago, and was part of the way this nation has been built.  The racist spirit that created the USA has continued through slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, Stop and Frisk, and deaths of innocent people going about their business. Someone I know spent a night in jail in the 60s when he was on his way to midweek bible study. Fast forward to 2014. Louis Rodriguez was killed by 5 cops pressing down on him (Eric Garner style) as he left the movies on Valentine’s Day with his wife and daughter.  The unfairness of the incident is that the domestic abuse call was for his wife slapping the daughter,Not him, but she is light skinned and he is dark so the police went after him. Notice when the wife asks is he breathing, the cop responds, ‘I’m Breathing”. That’s All five cops were acquitted.
    The police did not allow the widow to see him in the hospital. Why? In my opinion, he was already dead.That also happened to a friend of mine whose husband was ‘accidentally’ killed. She was never allowed to see his body. Coverup. As Christians, we must be careful to deal in truth and not justify hardness of heart against others who look different from us and call it something else. I see nothing wrong with justifiable protests.  It’s easy to ignore the cause of the protests and call it bitterness, especially to those who are not affected by the injustice fueling the protest. Is it possible to have compassion for those who have been deeply hurt and affected by injustice?  There is a stubborn spirit in America that ignores Truth because it makes one uncomfortable.
    I would like you to read the following YouTube comment.

    CaneFu1 year ago
    writergirl24: I am older and have been happily married to a beautiful black woman for decades. Before I got with her (Dragon Dragon, take note: BEFORE I GOT WITH HER) I had never been harassed by police, never even been pulled over. Shortly after I started dating my future wife back in the 1980s I started getting pulled over when she was in the car and harassed for NO REASON. Police would question my wife, who was a proud daughter of a well known minister, and accuse her of being a prostitute. The cops would accuse me of offering her money for sex, it was beyond humiliating for us. One time we were pulled over and forced out of the car at gunpoint and their excuse was my wife resembled someone who had a warrant. I’ve been handcuffed and threatened with jail, insulted, laughed at, pushed around, and then released with no apology or even explanation…I still seethe with anger when I remember these incidents because the cowardly police knew I was too smart to fight back, even though I was more than capable, because it would mean certain prison for me. My only crime was being a white man in love with a black woman in an era when it was not accepted. Things are better today where we live and my wife and I no longer have problems with the police but I am no stranger to their harassment and I understand how you feel.

  4. Thanks for sharing this word. It’s very timely, true and urgent for the Body of Christ in these days. I have been on this journey of violently kicking out ALL that my FATHER in Heaven loathes. It is quite a task but HE empowers me to press in to HIM thereby receiving increased strength to press on. I too am seeing wonderful changes. Alleluia to the MOST HIGH GOD.

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