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Your Future is in The LORD’s Hands — 3 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I appreciate the Lord Jesus, having you sharing those beautiful words of encouragement and inspiration, in which I needed to hear. The Lord is beginning to truly manifest himself in my life, in my circumstances and situations, in a way that wasn’t expected.
    I am learning God’s love, grace and mercy, when I should receive the full penalty if sin, he redeems me, showing me the unexpected, the miraculous in and through him, fir this I love him, giving him total Praise and Glory!️

    Thank you, once again, Minister Reinke! I don’t making mention of how beautiful God uses you for his divine Glory. I am grateful for His in you and your Facebook platform presence. I appreciate all of God’s chosen prophets and Ministers, but I believe he assigned me to your platform for a special reason, for growth, understanding, maturing, a trust and to embrace the seasoning of God’s Word being shared God bless and thank you.️

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