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  1. To Christine and other watchers … below are 4 links organised by Dutch and outlining and discussing a dream by a Greg Hood . There is a 5th part and possibly you can navigate your way to.

    They relate to part 4 of this Triumph prophecy, but are interlaced with others.

    World Series 1.  https://youtube.com/watch?v=J_fT5fTEBhQ&feature=share

    2.  https://youtu.be/TMTxJfGyNpQ

    3.  https://youtu.be/E9kIzjbFOuI

    4.  https://youtu.be/5fXCVdzc16

  2. Dave. I’m from Belfast. Thank you for sharing all this. I pray a lot for our nation.
    Just thought you would be interested to know the Lord has also been showing me the ball being hit out of bounds over the last few weeks. I live opposite the cricket ground where they play international matches between Ireland and other countries. It’s beside the assembly buildings at Stormont.
    I felt the Lord saying to me that He would cause the enemies plans (to change times and seasons) to be “hit” out of bounds and they would stay there until the appointed time.
    This will enable the end-time harvest to take place in accordance with scripture and the plans of heaven for this season.

    • Many thanks for your sharing, very well put. Helpful.

      Also … as soon as you mentioned cricket … something I had not thought about for quite a while came back to me straight away. I had a fleeting recollection of it about a month ago. I’m a Celt in that I am Welsh, but have lived away from home for 0ver 50 years. But I live in the North East 9n between Durham city and Newcastle upon time. But many many years ago, jd I had hardly remembered until you mentioned cricket … I saw a cricket match … but it was more I was thinking admiring how vigorously the West Indian bowlers used to bowl, and some still do. But in the picture I saw an English batsman , stand up against their might and intimidation and the next thing I know the WI bowler bowls and the Englishman just hit it for six, out of the ground … and theLord said … I’m going to hit it out of the park.

      Something I had not really remembered, thank you … but as I saw this ball being hit for six and more, cos it got knocked out of the park, the ground … I suddenly saw a street in Newcastle upon Tyne, near a familiar junction on a ma9n thoroughfare … and I saw a manhole cover. It was at night … so 9n the vision I go down down inside and I find I am in service tunnels , loads of pipes and pumps and valves and cog wheels attached to them … but the though stuck … it’s a night time scene … I’ve asked over the years for its meaning, but it’s something concerning Newcastle … which no more than 10 miles from me. But what I saw underground was just a portion of what was hidden underground as I had the sense it was wide spread. So thank you again, it’s a prompt, that come with your observation, cos your eyes are open and attentive. Thank again for confirmation and clarification and may we both discover what it is that he is about to do and understand our part. Blessyou.

  3. Thank prophet David Hood for your obedience to share exactly what the Lord gave you. May God open your spiritual eyes to see & discern more in Jesus name.
    I have always known ENEMIES LABoUR N VAIN against President Trump & God’s Anointed Prophets/vessels. God alone has the final say over America & the whole world. Wisdom of men is indeed foolishness before God. Let God Arise & let His enemies be scattered. Justice will be serve from above at God’s own time. We are to keep praying in Faith to see it done. Thank you all

    • Thank you Adams , I love that, the enemies labour in vain … they wear themselves out, trying to cover up the Truth. But wherever they try to cover, it just exposes a different segment of truth, as they attempt to cover the Light. And every attempt of theirs simply wears even thinner their brittle fragile material, for their lies Are nothing new and their attempts will turn even more so, to more dust. … for they just ain’t big enough … The lord is wearing them out , their attempts wearing themselves down.

      My friend shared how she saw Gods justice coming back on them like a boomerang, it’s impact and path could not be measured or understood, for they did not use the same weaponry that the Lord God used … unfamiliar with His ways, unfamiliar with His integrity.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. Inspiring and encouraging

      But yes,

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