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Your Strength in Weakness — 3 Comments

  1. I again am dreaming of poverty coming. Can’t get out of it. Wish these messages apply to me. I’m tired of begging for rental help and all the nonsense. Very tired. Please pray for my family.

  2. Hi Deborah.
    I have to share a dream relating to your word. Some years ago when I chose to give up all for Him, all hell broke loose within and around me. I’ve been stalked and all of the above but praise God for all it’s produced within me. When this chapter opened the Lord gave me a dream. At first I was running from men (bullies…bull….hmmm) and suddenly I stopped and turned around…all fear completely gone!!! The bull (ox?) Went straight up and over my head, but still, no fear. The ox turned around and ran straight toward my pursuers. They ran like the wind bullseye!!!:D
    His voice to me through you seems to almost always resonate with my spirit. This has blessed me beyond measure and encouraged me many days to pull up my bootstraps and keep moving forward.
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah :)

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