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Your Weakness Attracts the Power of God! — 3 Comments

  1. GOD is ABLE
    The fighter is HIS spears and SWORDS. The WARRIOR is HIS or her suited UP in WAR ROOM PRAYERS and GOD’S empower ARMOR. JESUS is undefeated Yahweh. The MESSIAH the BEGINNING and the END. OUR morning star raises against darkness. AMEN☝☝☝⌚⏰

  2. Yes I agree, what an extreme blessing this morning to go out into this Day with this encouragement in my heart. I as well needed badly to hear this Good News today.
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah!!

  3. Your prophetic word has blessed me so very much! I thank God for you and your words I needed this more than you will know! Keep on with your prophetic ministry!!!

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