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June — A Month of Supernatural Paradigm Shifts — 2 Comments

  1. Confirmation! On 5/12 I wrote this on my phone notes during prayer, “Jesus is justice. I saw Him with a gavel and He banged it and said “order in the court”. He is bringing everything back to order. I saw Him say that the enemy plead guilty. He is restoring all that has been stolen 7-fold. He is justice.”

  2. This morning in the early hour with our Lord, the Spirit kept talking to me about the Disney Story of Pinocchio, specifically about the scene where Pinoccio goes into rebellion with his friend. They begin to drink beer and smoke. And as these boys continue in their rebellion and wicked choices, they begin to transform into donkeys. And then a man comes, an evil man, and gathers up the boys, who by now are completely consumed, and hauls them away. But Pinocchio escapes. And because of his choice to turn from rebellion and evil he is finally made into a “real boy”.
    With the symbol of the Democrats being a donkey I can now see the correlation.

    Thank you again, so much Veronica, for your beautiful heart of service to the King, and for praying for the Nation’s, all of them.
    May He richly Reward you and all yours.
    Blessings :)

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