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2024: Taking Back the Gates! — 10 Comments

  1. Break the strangle hold and release the captives setting and making them free indeed!  The Lords yoke fits perfectly and His burden is light.  Shine a light and rebuke the nations.  All the children shall be taught of the Lord, amen!

  2. Where I live in the Raleigh/Cary area of North Carolina there is a strong Indian population.  4 Hindu temples are being built.  2 are up and running, one is operating but not completely finished, one is still under construction.  I frequently pass by the one that is operating but still under construction.  Recently I have begun to pray against these structures and the spirits behind them.  More recently, as I passed by the one operating but still under construction I made a declaration that the property was the Lord’s.  The Spirit moved mightily within me as I did so.  It is indeed time to take back the gates.

  3. My first thoughts after reading in 2Samuel was……DO I EVER GIVE OFFERINGS TO MY LORD THAT COST ME NOTHING OR VERY LITTLE.?  My time, my voice, my money, my prayers….

  4. I noted you quoted from Samuel re the census and it said that YHVH moved David whereas the same incident is described in 1Chronicles 21 and it said that satan stood up against David and caused him to sin and take census. I thought it was interesting as in ch 18 we’re told that King Nachash died.  hmmm. Gen. 3 the nachash tempted Adam and Eve. That king was a pagan and one has to wonder if being named Nachash there was something between him and satan that if there’d been enmities of any kind twixt him and David which resulted in the adversary going up against David. I wonder because why would YHVH tell David to do something then punish him for sinning because he obeyed?

  5. How do I build an altar and what are the burnt offerings and peace offerings that I may destroy the plague of generational bondages in my family and in my nation?!!!  ✝️

    • As I understand it, the Blood of Jesus is the best offer ever whether U call it ‘burnt’ or ‘peace’ – it overrule every generational bondage or plague there is. Just apply the Blood; open your mouth and speak forth whatever U need 4 your specific situation. Be4ore U can do that the Holy Spirit must reveal the power & authority that lies in the shed Blood – no human can do that. So it is very simple but at the same time very hard since there must be a Holy Spirit revelation and without such a revelation there will only be words without power. By ‘hard’ I mean none of us can command God 2 reveal anything really but it has something 2 do with our walk with the Lord and how we talk 2 Him. [Amos 3:3]

  6. Dear Veronika, Such a perfectly beautiful word you have presented from the mouth of our Lord. I pray that we take heed indeed! Thank you for always being obedient to share the heart of God as a true prophet. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  7. I’m reminded of a passage the Lord has been bringing me back to, just this morning Holy Spirit unwrapped it for me and then brought confirmation through this Word.

    Obadiah 1:21
    The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion to rule over the mountains of Esau.
    And the Kingdom will belong to the Lord.
    Also a “thousand” times more power is what He will release through His own, those who’ve laid it all down and given their “yes & thank you.” This is a confirmation to what He’s been revealing to me, and to others….very grateful!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

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