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The Beginning of Israel’s Second Exodus — 19 Comments

  1. I stand in agreement with this word! The Lord will direct Netanyahu in the way that he should go! He is called to be the anointed leader of Israel.

  2. Pursue and recover all.
    And shall not The Lord pursue and recover all – He who is the propitiation,not only for our sins, but the sins of the WHOLE world?

  3. Great Word – after reading this post – I STRONGLY sensed that at least one or maybe the first Exodus of the nations for Isreal at this time will be Israel leaving the United Nations. Especially after reading in a news clip this morning that there is talk by some in the UN that they feel Israel does not have a right to defend itself-

  4. I have been praying for the Lord to say, pursue and recover all, with no harm to any hostages taken. Netanyahu has had and I pray will continue to have a face like flint. This is so reassuring. Joel, Jeremiah and Elijah, the land back to it’s original covenant size and Lord what a blessing we are here at such a time as this to witness and be part of your Kingdom. Hallelujah..

  5. Oh what a wonderful word of encouragement.  I can feel excitement for Israel rising up in my spirit as I read your prophetic word.
    Bless Israel Lord.  Bless them.  Hallelujah and Amen.

  6. In 2011 I had this.dream. I was looking at the hearth from the stratosphere,something small began to come up, couldn’t see well, as it came up closer to me I could read exodus 6:6 Ithad a golden color.
    So you confirm this dream.  I believe it’s time to be activated on my ministry. On Nov 4 23 pastor preached at my church on exodus 6:1-8.on Monday 6 you realed your prophetic dream. Blessing from Tijuana Mexico.

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