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2222 — Reach For The Unsearchable Riches of CHRIST Now! — 3 Comments

  1. God is so faithful! HE is my Jehovah Jireh. When ever I call on God with faith for financial breakthrough as you had taught us severally in your articles, HE always supply swiftly & never disappoints. But Amazingly, GOD releases MASSIVE WEALTH TO ME UNEXPECTEDLY EVERY YEAR IN THE MONTH OF JUNE. I know the time of my massive wealth is here & have started talking to GOD to prove Himself again as the Lord God of Elijah. This conforms with your Holy spirit led prophetic words. God bless you richly Apst. Jacob

  2. Amen brother!
    I also confirm that The Lord is restoring wealth and riches to his church.To those who have sown in tears ,it is time to reap in joy.
    We have needs and we must also use what we get for kingdom advancement.
    Praise Jesus !
    He is faithful!

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