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2222 — GO Through The Open Door To Resurrection Riches! (Updated) — 7 Comments

  1. What a powerful revelatory word here my dear brother.There is so much here to chew on I will have to print it out and keep seeking full understanding. I have been hearing the word from Psalm 65 about crowning the year with His goodness and I have been rejoicing daily this past week in HIS Goodness. Thanks so much for sharing this rich word, Jacob. Many blessings, Sandi

    Not only can words be repeated but word pairs and phrases can be repeated. For example, I attempted to do a brief study of juxtaposition in Joshua 22:22.

    Is the phrase “God of Gods” in the Bible? Yes, see Josh 22:22 in an interlinear OT. S410 and S410. S430 is the plural form of S410. No matter how many idols there are, my God is the God of gods. 


  3. I believe in this prophetic word, I believe the doors will be opened for me and the floodgates of heaven will be open over me. Your words confirmed the words I awoke to this morning around 4am.

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