A Battle Rages for the 7 Mountains of Influence! — 1 Comment

  1. Amen, I stand in full agreement with the spoken word of God, Yes, Yes, we shall prevail, I decree it in Jesus name. The righteous, are as bold as a lion, and there is a lion in me, roaring to all the kingdom of darkness.
    We have the Victory, indeed so, shall we go out among them, for the battle is the Lords. I will press in, stand steadfast knowing we shall be Victorious.
    i have my shield lifted high, alert, and ready, for the war has been won at Calvary, we are victorious, overcomers,nothing can defeat us nothing, we
    are strong and in the power of his might, a glorious church. Praise you Abba Father, we love you, and thank you for the weapons you have given to us to conquer and succeed in battle and in warfare. Amen!

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