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  1. This comment is on the prayer point mentioned- “We need to pray for a Holy Spirit revival to break out in our nation.  May the holy fire of God sweep across our nation, setting us ablaze for the Glory of God!”  A- men!  And may I also add that we have just turned the corner into a season of judgment activity, that will bring about this change, these holy fires coming.  Pastor Mark at revivalfirechurch.wordpress.com just posted an inspired message called “The State Of This Nation” on November 8, 2016.  He wrote of the shaking judgment that is still coming to the church sector, and of the great need for it to be tempered with mercy.  His comments immediately reminded me of Bobby Conner’s revelation from 1997 called, “It’s Coming Down The Track and Around the Bend”.  If anyone has connections to Brother Conners, please pass this message to him, and I hope it uplifts him to remember this.  ‘Heads-up’ now, as we just entered into the glory day Bro Conners wrote about 20 years ago!  He described the glory train of God coming down the tracks and around THE BEND, with the words JUDGMENT & MERCY above & below the headlight, switching positions, back & forth.  The Lord gave me to see the eruption of South Sister volcano near Bend, Oregon, in 2007, and then showed me it will be this volcanic activity that signals the beginning of this glory train coming with the holy Spirit healing revival fires.  So next, we can expect a great shaking, and let us pray- WITH MERCY.  Watch for earthquakes and increased volcanic activity soon, which will usher in the former & later rains, those hot water cleansing fires Bro Conners spoke about so long ago! These are the same cleansing & refining wise fires coming that prepares the Bride for entry to the great heavenly Wedding Celebration!  Where there is smoke, there is fire, so watch now for these prophetic signs coming.  Peru just had two volcanoes erupt simultaneously!  rick

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