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A Child With an Anointing is a Giant Slayer! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for blessing me with this video and such a powerfully anointed message. I pray that Paator Jim is healed by the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You are the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Sickness and disease cannot befall you. I declare your healing and decree that you will continue in your walk of faith. Amen!  Mighty man of God, thank you for sharing. I am in tears because your testimony sounds so familiar. God told me to move in some areas in my ministry and I did. He told me He would do the rest and I only needed to step out on faith and He will bless it. I trust Him! Thank you!! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!!

  2. This is powerful ! This found me in tears. God will continue to unfold more blessings over you. Each minute, each second, He is never “done”. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am sitting here before work, the sparrows call for food at my balcony. I stand up to give them bread. My left foot aches so much, I had 2 surgeries during the past 2 years, and people would say, I fail, if I need a doctor now. I must go out to work in faith that I don`t lose my job. Daily I need His miracles. Your story calmed me down now for a while and hopefully through the days ahead. God bless you, Jim, and Melody, and DAVID, and let us stand strong even when we are weak. God is with us ! When we are weak, He is strong ! Beside my daily struggles and joys, I do have to convince Muslim friends here of the truth of Jesus Christ, they are hungry for our Saviour, and I see good seeds growing. His word does not return empty ! So it is written.