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  1. “You can’t form a proper teaching – training relationship if there is no interaction going forth between the two parties.”

    Only the Lord knows the best way for each and every one.
    When I was saved (by hearing His voice) the Lord lead me (away from “the church”) and to a woman who walked closely with Him and who actually lived by the Word.
    She taught me how to focus at the Lord and separate myself to Him instead of listening to man made doctrines and the time we spent together we had a lot of divine experiences together with the Lord.

    Suddenly God called her out on a mission and I was left without a ‘mentor’ and I asked the Lord to lead me to another ‘mentor’ which I of course imagined to be a visible person and someone I could in the faith socialize with.

    Then one day I opened the computer and found a teaching which literally catapulted me into the deeper understanding of how to walk in the Spirit, and the Lord immediately responded with (supernatural) signs and wonders , which confirmed that the understanding of the teaching was correct and which also lead to a greater trust and dependence in Him.

    Still, although the years has passed by, and I still follows the same teaching, I have not met nor heard the voice of the author of the teaching and I don’t believe it will happen because we live at different places on the earth.

    So therefore I know that a ‘visible body’ is not necessary for to be lead and taught by God.
    And by this I will encourage every one who is ‘alone’ with the Lord to trust Him in that as long as one receives ‘signs’ from Him that one is on the path, one is in the center of His Will and everything is in perfect order.

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