A Divine Word for the United States of America!


This is the divine Word for the United States of America.

“Hear Me USA!  President Trump is a Trumpet for releasing the sound of violence.

This sound of violence will make the snake manifest in the Capital Hill.

Even then, this snake will manifest in the White House and in the Pentagon.”

The LORD said, “Because the snake manifests, so it is easy for Mr. Trump to stake the snake.”

The LORD said,  “In the USA in the next year, the sound of the remnant will rise up and will be sounded around the country and the sound of the remnant will be silencing the mouth of the enemy, so I release this Prophetic Word for the USA.

China, you will become a new patron of economy, not only in Asia, but you will become a patron in the world.”

And The LORD said, “China, you are in the midst of decision.

But The LORD said,  “The Spirit of Martyrdom (holy boldness) will be released upon China, because I say to you, a new administration of the Church will rise up in China, whereby apostles and prophets will walk together in China.”

The LORD said,  “Now I release the grace upon China and a redemption gift.”

“In the next 4 years,” God said, “The Spirit of Reunification will come to your land and the lost tribes will come again to that land, and I say to you, this is the time for China, for the reunification.”

I see in the Spirit, the bear, a fiery bear, a bear full with the fire and the LORD said, Russia will have a new passion,” and The LORD said, “Russia will rise up again in the next days ahead.

Russia will start to control the world.  The passion of the Unified Soviet that has already died, now become fired up again in Russia.”

The LORD said, “Don’t worry.  There is still a remnant in Russia that will become the voice of revival.  So I say to you, Russia…  the eyes of The LORD are watching you!”

I see especially for Indonesia, there is a wave coming to Indonesia and that Wave is making floods in Indonesia.

But now suddenly, the flood is changing to become a wave again, and the wave is moving from Indonesia to the nations.

The wave is turning around.  The wave of revival that has been brought by the western countries in past days, has made a flood in Indonesia.

But now until the next 7 years, Indonesia will become a new wave of revival to the nations.

Secondly, God said, “Indonesia will become My treasurer. 

I will put My Prosperity to Indonesia, and this nation will distribute the wealth for the revival movement, during 7 years ahead.  Watch how the transfer wealth will happen in Indonesia!”

God said about **Manado, “Be ready, Manado, I AM destroying the spirit and wall of religion, from upon your city.”

God will destroy the wall of religion and legalism in the next 2 years, and the youth movement will rise up in Manado.

Listen carefully, because I see there is an earthquake in spirit realm of Manado and the old buildings are broken in Manado.

God said the meaning is, “My movement will shake that city and the religious wall will be broken.”

Then I saw there are many young men who bring cement, hoes and construction tools, so the young generation will start to rebuild a new and fresh movement, and it is called ‘A  New Wine Skin.”

God said, “Manado will be known as a supernatural Church and the supernatural movement will start in Manado, especially its young generation.”

Manado will become the city of Holy tourism, so I release it to Manado.

Look and see, from now in until next 2 years, a new movement will happen with signs and wonders and will cause repentance, not only in Manado but *Gorontalo, so I release the wind of The LORD over Manado.

Next is see the map *Bali.  I see The LORD Jesus is smiling.  And God send angels who bring a tent to Bali, and the tent is falling to Bali.

There are many nations with black skin, white skin, and brown skin in the tent and they dance crazily and God said to Bali, that Bali is the city of Tabernacle of David.

“I will build the Tabernacle of David in Bali, and at the moment, not only Indonesia, not only Bali, but many nations will gather in Bali and worship The LORD. 

And I say to you, Bali will become the microphone of the nations.  Bali will become the echo for the nations, so watch and look I will do something great in Bali.”

I see the number 500 Vietnam.  500 is about redemption.  There is one man who will go to Vietnam to bring the redemption gift.

Because the river in Vietnam, Mekong is full with blood.  So there is must be one man who make a warfare and bring redemption of land in Vietnam.

**ManadoManado is the capital city of the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia.

*Gorontalo:  Gorontalo (Hulontalo) is an Indonesian province on the island of Sulawesi

*BaliBali is an island and province of Indonesia with the biggest Hindu population.


~  Prophet Yesaya Gunawan

Prophet Yesaya GunawanProphet Yesaya Gunawan of Revival International Apostolic Network,  Indonesia.



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