The Father Says Today – August 2018

Daily prophecy for August 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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August 16, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not in trouble, you are in transition.  What does that mean?  The blow you are waiting for will never land.  In the past when the pressure became this intense, you took steps to protect yourself in fear of what the future might bring.  This is not that.  History is not repeating itself.  Your past is no indicator of the character of the season I AM leading you into right now.  Rejoice in the midst of the pressure.  Know that I AM with you and this is for your betterment and your increase.

Your assignment is to “do what you see the Father do” and have no opinion about the consequences.  Your idea of what comes next and other’s opinions are based on incomplete information.  I have determined the outcome in advance and your responsibility is simply (I did say SIMPLY) to relinquish all emotional attachment to what you think things are going to look like.  Be willing to be clueless as an expression of trust in Me and in My anointed process I AM walking you through right now.  Do you?  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here.

August 15, 2018.   The Father says today, step out beyond the boundaries of your own limiting beliefs.  I AM the “manna” that came down from heaven, and I have called you to be manna – that indefinable substance of heaven in every situation you face today.  People you encounter think you are a known commodity.  They think they understand what you are doing and what you are saying.  I call upon you to open your mouth and let Me fill it with My Wisdom and My Words that will ultimately shatter the preconceived ideas that you have and that others have about what comes next in your life.

When you align yourself with the wind of My Spirit blowing through your life, don’t expect to have all the answers and don’t bother trying to answer all the questions that will be asked of you.  Simply be who I called you to be and let those around you cope with your call in its undiluted strength.  Refuse to be typecast as this or that, for the person that names a thing controls a thing.  I haven’t called you to be under the controlling influence of limited minds.  I have called you to step out and fulfill vision, even when you don’t know what comes next.  Be willing, says God – be ready to be clueless yourself and to leave others scratching their head when the glory I AM releasing in you comes to be made known in their midst.

August 14, 2018.   The Father says today, come and enter into My pleasure.  The winter is past, and the spring of new growth is bursting out of your middle in new life and breath.  You are coming up out of the wilderness trip – it isn’t your native environment.  Let My song be in your heart, for it is a coming up and a coming out song of deliverance, joy, and release.  I release you, says God.  This is your release season.  I AM always thinking of you.  There is never a time that you are not even as the pupil of My eye.  I AM sending help and assistance to you today.  My name is Helper – how could anyone ever think that I would do anything other than help you when you need it?

There are angels all around you.  They are taking care of those things that are beyond your control.  Take no thought for tomorrow’s threat for it will never come.  I AM in your today, and I AM in your tomorrow.  You are rushing headlong into Me, and in My promise, you will luxuriate and bask in My favor.  You are dripping with the sweet honey of My favor.  I AM making it real to you again as it was in times past.  Hear My voice.  Hear My voice as I sing over you and jubilate over you, because now you will know who you are in Me and who I AM in you and that – THAT is making all the difference.

August 13, 2018.   The Father says today, hear the insistence of My sound.  There is a sound of PREVAILING in the earth.  My word and My sound are crying out, PREVAIL!  Yes – this is for you.  It is time for you to remember who you are and to remember who you are not.  You are not an earthbound creature.  You are more than dust. In you is placed the incorruptible seed of My Son.  Awake, says God.  It is time – high time to awaken from the slumber and listlessness of what was into the freshness of your now.  When it is time its time, even though it didn’t come in the way you expected.  Put away that book and put away that message from yesterday, because yesterday’s manna always breeds worms.

Reach out by the Spirit and take of the fresh Manna of today’s word from My throne that is changing and transforming you for the days ahead.  Are you ready, says God?  I’ve got news for you-you were BORN READY because you are born of My incorruption.  My incorruption frees you and cleanses you from every disqualification. I say you are not disqualified.  I AM breathing into you, and the shofar sound of My voice is causing your destiny to curve back in upon itself to bring eternity past and present together in one explosion of purpose, blessing and breakthrough.  This is the stripping away of limitation and old things, and the impartation of shoes to prepare you to walk in My new day.  I have rescued you, says God.  I AM your rescue.  Forget the past.  Forget the failure and the shame.  I AM here.  I AM working.  Cooperate and say yes to My yes and move forward into what I AM placing in front of you right now.

August 12, 2018.   The Father says today, it is time to come into the holy, holy of My presence.  Come away from profane things and profane thoughts.  Set aside the distractions that race at you from every quarter.  I have called you to higher things, and in higher things I will teach you and change you.  Into My image will I mold and make you until it is all of Me and none of the fallen nature that trips you up and torpedoes your destiny.  Its time, says God.  No need to wait any longer.  No need to delay, for now is the shift you have longed for and lobbied for and expected.

Mount up, says God.  It is not by might and not by power but by My Spirit that I AM going to do the things on the earth that I AM going to do.  You can’t get spiritual enough or smart enough or religious enough.  This isn’t about you, it’s about Me, so get lost in My Spirit today.  Get lost in your walk and in your ways.  Abandon yourself to My thoughts, for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  Abandon yourself to My ways, for in that abandonment you will be made manifest as a child of God and a son of God and a servant of God.  All creation is groaning and crying out for you to stand up into oneness with Me and now – today is that time, says your Father.

August 11, 2018.   The Father says today, what if things weren’t as bad as you think they are?  What if instead of being on the edge of breakdown, meltdown, and destruction – you were walking into the greatest blessing and opportunity you ever knew?  I hear you when you say you can’t take anymore.  I get that, and I understand that.  You can’t take any more – now what?  Tomorrow will come, and you will still be here facing impossible odds, wondering what to do.  This is the adventure of life as I intended it to be experienced.  You aren’t on the edge of an abyss, you are on the edge of bursting out of the bonds of your limited thinking into a new place of acceleration and accomplishment as never before.

Refuse to be discouraged.  There is nothing in the disappointments of situations gone by that gives you any accurate metric for what your life is about to look like.  Press in.  Press into the pressure that is pressing in on you.  Know that I AM the fourth man in your fire.  Know that when the enemy does his worst, I will do My best and how do you think that will turn out?  It is time once and for all to jettison pessimism, sarcasm, and negativity.  These things do not endear you to Me, and they never have.  It is true you will lose friends, because misery loves company and they loathe to see anyone shake themselves from the bonds of despair and walk out into the new horizons just ahead.  It’s a chaos decision, says God.  Go ahead and make YOUR DAY because better things are just ahead.

August 10, 2018.   The Father says today, stand up in your privilege.  All of creation around you is yearning and urging that you, as a vested child of My kingdom, might stand upright on your feet and be the manifest son outwardly that you are inwardly.  This is your right and your privilege, and it will not be denied you.  Shall the circumstances of your birth exclude you from the company of sons?  Shall the color of your skin or your economic station in life hinder that which I propose to do?  Be encouraged, says the Father.  Know that I have designed all of the earth and the very atoms that swirl around you in a quantum soup to act in concert with My will to bring you into the divine favor and privileged access to My Kingdom that is accorded to you in the shed blood of Calvary.

Are you in a storm, says God?  Still the wind with your faith-filled words. Is your fig tree untimely in its fruit?  Curse the untimely tree and command it no longer to cumber the precious ground of your life that I have ceded you authority over.  Are the dead wrapped in grave clothes?  Command the stone of ungodly expectations to be rolled away and receive your dead back to life in a moment of time.  Let it not be said when you look back over the ramparts of eternity that you lived one iota beneath the privileges that are yours as a dividend of Calvary paid into your life 2000 years ago.  I AM with you, and I AM working to transform your life into conformity to the template “as in heaven so on earth” and I will not be denied, therefore you will not be denied in any way oh My beloved!

August 9, 2018.   The Father says today, be prepared to make unexpected adjustments in your life today.  Things don’t often fall out to you as you might expect.  In fact, circumstances and situations you face will rarely unfold precisely as you wish and for this reason, you must be flexible and willing to plan differently, and act differently than you initially thought that you might.  Unwillingness to adjust is stubbornness.  Attempting to control circumstances when you don’t get your way is manipulation and witchcraft.  When facing contrary people and situations, learn to get quiet within yourself and listen to the still, small voice.  I haven’t changed My mind, have you changed yours?  Having begun in the spirit, will you now proceed in the flesh?

Remember, says God, that I am not in love with a plan and neither am I committed to a plan.  I AM in love with you.  I AM committed to you.  Things change, and people change.  My plans for you shift and alter according to the exercise of free will among those around you that will not often follow through with what I tell them.  For this reason, I do not write in stone, I write in sand.  Don’t get dogmatic about how you insist things must be.  Do not follow after what you think I said, because for all the clarity of My promise you will never have all the information you think you have about what I AM going to do next.  This is a point of growth that many refuse to walk in, but if you follow Me, even in times of challenge and change, I will do for you what you have never experienced and bring you to triumph beyond all your expectations.

August 8, 2018.   The Father says today, that contention only comes with pride.  Never allow contention or any other thing to take your eyes off of the harvest.  I have not called you to contend with your brothers and sisters in the faith.  I have not called you to dispute or to war against those without, who may not agree with your point of view.  Never allow the strength of your personality or your opinion to diminish your testimony.  Learn not to answer again when you are challenged, or when your wishes are ignored.  I haven’t called you to have your way or to demand that others listen to or give in to your point of view.  Remember that a soft answer turns away wrath.  You are not a doormat for others to trounce upon, but I say again do not allow anger or frustration to get you so distracted that you forget the calling that I have placed upon your life.

There is a change of assignment just ahead for you.  I want you to focus not only on what must be done but how you must proceed.  Just because I AM moving you, this does not mean you need to give your parting opinions about how things should have been done differently.  Remember that the wisdom from above is first peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated.  Nothing is ever gained by spouting off your opinion and leaving others to clean up the message.  I have called you.  I have commissioned you.  Assignments come, and after a time they change.  All you need to know is don’t linger behind longer than necessary, or there will be loss, even permanent damage of relationship to those I have connected you with.  Listen to My voice, move in My timing and keep your eyes on the whitened fields before you.

August 7, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your way, truth, and life.  No religious method produces change or shift in your life.  The principle that brings about change in your circumstance is the principle of My person.  All else is religious legalism.  Becoming like Me and experiencing the merits of the kingdom in your life happens when you make My presence your priority.  is the yoke easy and the burden light.  When I paid the price on Calvary for your sin, there was no other participator with Me at that altar.  The penalty was fully satisfied by Me alone, that your dependency might then be precisely that. In ME alone.

Set aside all the religious protocols that only arise from a performance mentality.  You cannot possibly earn what I have freely given.  I move in your life because of who I AM and what I did for you 2000 years ago.  Who I AM on the inside of you is sufficient to put you in the position to receive the full merits of the cross paid into your life in blessing, benefit, and breakthrough.  There is no other path, no different truth, and no other way.  Accept your freedom and your liberty today.  I AM here.  I AM working.  All you need do is trust, and align your life with that trust, and you will undoubtedly see deliverance.

August 6, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM looking for a place and a people to model now what I AM sending upon the earth.  Are you at My disposal as a candidate?  Are you in or are you out?  There is coming a tide of awakening that will redefine what it means to be a person walking out My kingdom upon the earth.  Are you available?  This is the question of the hour because the night when no man can work is over and the new day of purpose and launching of ministry portion is at hand.  I call upon you to be a facilitator of My glory, says God.  There is no point in making you a carrier of the glory that is coming like a seismic wake across the land unless you are willing to dispense with business as usual and adjust your thinking and planning to the new thing that I am doing on the earth.

Are you ready, says the Father?  There is nothing I do in half measures.  I AM an all-or-nothing God, and I will accept nothing other than total abandonment to My initiatives in the earth BEFORE I unveil them.  Are you willing to buy into the plan without knowing what it explicitly is?  I don’t want you merely committing to My plan for your life.  I want you to commit to ME because I originated the plan in the first place.  Can you trust Me?  Do you trust Me to bring you into the wealth, influence and impactfulness that I have in store for you?  Then let’s proceed, and the first step is getting rid of all your ideas regarding what I am doing, because for all you have seen there is much more to unveil.  Moving forward is My plan for you, so make up your mind and get on board because the train is leaving the station.

August 5, 2018.   The Father says today, if you want to know My secrets you must come into the secret place.  The narrative that begins with fanfare and trumpets is only part of the story.  The foundations that move heaven and earth are in the deep areas of My Spirit where many will not go and few who do will not stay.  In the secret place, says God, I will take of the things that belong to Me and show them unto you.  Then you will go into your tomorrows in full awareness of what is unfolding.  I AM speaking, says God, so make sure you are listening.  Then the enemy will be unable to take you by surprise because I’ve showed you what was coming and gave you the wisdom to avoid his every snare before he has an opportunity to set the trap.

The agents of darkness are confounded, says God, and cannot see and cannot hear.  The wizards and sorcerers go into the secret place to find out strategies of darkness, but I tell you the kingdom of light is disgorging the practitioners of deception with their dark sayings and your eye will see it, and your ear will hear it and tingle.  When man reports what I have done, it will be a second hearing for you, because I whispered to you in the night of what was ahead that you might rejoice because I haven’t left you out.  My love and My favor toward you demand and dictate that I include you at the table of My counsel, says God, so you might know and you might advance into the taking of territory that you have never accessed up to this time.

August 4, 2018.   The Father says today, maturity now will bring happiness later.  There is nothing mature about walking around with a sour expression on your face and a wrinkled brow.  The only wrinkles I want to see on your face are the laugh lines of joy unspeakable and full of glory.  My people have erred when they define happiness as a pursuit that requires avoiding maturity.  I want you to grow up, says God,  before you grow old.  Now is the day that I call upon you to get on board with that process.  I have given gifts into the earth – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers – not as spiritual daycare workers but as those commissioned to bring you to the full measure of the stature of Christ as though in a day!

Align yourself with the maturing process that I AM calling you and opting you into.  I signed you up for this when you got saved.  Make up your mind to never again allow an unimpassioned leader to powder your diaper and put a weak message in your heart like a pacifier in a baby’s mouth.  Look for and seek out those leaders who will acknowledge and work with and make room for the maturing process in your life and make room for you when you get there.  I AM sending you inclusive leaders who will rejoice at seeing the gifting and calling on your life and not reject you or put you down as though you aren’t ready.  You ARE ready! You are prepared every day of the world, even if it means making mistakes.  There are times that crucial mistakes must be made as part of My chosen process for you to learn how to get it right.  Those are the leaders I am raising up in your midst.  The spiritual day-cares are closing, and the training council is convening now to bring you to your prophesied destiny.

August 3, 2018.   The Father says today, you are waiting for the watershed moment that changes everything and it is right in front of you.  You don’t have to do anything DIFFERENT, you just have to keep doing what you are doing and DON’T QUIT.  Don’t get weary in well doing.  Don’t get exasperated or walk away.  You are in the territory that I AM working in right now.  I AM making room for you in the serving line of My favor.  I AM releasing to the body of Christ a special anointing for that one who I choose to honor.  Will you follow the Lamb wherever He goes?  Then there is a place of honor for you in the counsels of heaven.

Do not be intimidated by those that are struggling.  I will bring you into proximity to that connection that brings impartation.  It isn’t about what string to pull or what lever to push, but about being where I tell you to be, doing what I ask you to do.  Remember, I haven’t called you to be successful.  I have called you to be obedient.  Leave the success up to Me, I do it REALLY, REALLY well!  Are you ready for success for a change?  Are you ready for abundance and MORE ABUNDANCE?  Then stay in your sphere of assignment.  Stay faithful in the level of relationship and measure I have given you.  There is where the extraordinary depth and outpouring of glory is found.  Are you ready?  Ready or not here I come, and My glory is coming with Me!

August 2, 2018.   The Father says today, let your subjection to My will be the only thing in your life that remains unchanging.  Circumstances change, relationships change, but My faithfulness is ever the same.  Anchor yourself in Me and hold everything else loosely. Assignments begin and end.  Doors of opportunity will open and close.  Things that you thought were permanent fixtures in your life will go by the wayside, and you will wonder what you were thinking.  Fear not.  Your security is in Me, not in anything or anyone in natural circumstances.

Unclench your hands from the false security that only constitutes timidity and resistance to change.  Owe no man anything but to love them.  Demand nothing of man but look only to Me and what I AM producing in your life.  I AM your Rock.  All else is shifting sand.  You are bought with a price, and I hold first right of refusal over every decision and direction of your life.  Check in with Me before you make your next commitment.  Be willing to be told no when you want permission to move ahead and be willing to be told yes when you would rather not.  I AM working and your obedience to Me in those times will reflect My glory to those who do not know Me.

August 1, 2018.   The Father says today, when you know your authority in Me, you will not respond to personal provocations.  The level of authority you walk in is connected to your refusal to get offended.  When Shimei threw stones at David My servant, he refused to get insulted.  He would not let others defend him but looked to Me for vindication.  I AM your vindication, says God.  When man tries to defend you, nothing will be accomplished.  When I vindicate you and defend you, the mouths of the gainsayers will be stopped.  Do not fear what man can do to you.  Do not be overly concerned with how others are planning to make your life complicated.  There is nothing man can bring against you that can penetrate My favor upon your life.

I am with you, says God, and I will never leave you or forsake you.  The authority of prophet, priest, and king is working in your life to bring to pass all that I have promised. Even those of your bone and of your flesh will acknowledge and defer to you because they will see that My hand is upon you to bring you to your destined place of promise.  There are those who have set themselves up that will not endure, but when you allow Me to promote you, then your promotion will be secure, and no one will impeach My blessing upon your life.  Be resolute.  Be confident.  Be determined in the knowledge that I AM in your midst defending, validating and authenticating you as My chosen vessel for the assignment ahead.


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