A Promise from the King!


As the year comes to an end and a new one is well on its way, I want you to look to Me like never before, for I AM going to show you things that will surely amaze you concerning what I will have you to do.  For I have taken you through the fire in preparation for a deeper calling upon your life.  You have been more than willing to serve Me and have been patient in seeking My face, and now I will surely reveal to you what you have been waiting for.

I will pour out My glory in a fuller measure, and give you the discernment you will need for I AM taking you up to a higher level in worship and warfare, and that means that you will be coming against greater devils.  For we all know what My word says, and that is, “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”  But you can’t go into battle without knowing what you are up against.  Many have been come against hard where you might feel like you aren’t able to stand this pressure any longer.  But I will not allow you to go through anything you cannot handle if you look past the natural and look to Me.  For I AM the author and finisher of your faith, and you have the mind of Christ, and the joy of the Lord is your strength.  With all the Truth you have going for you, you will truly overcome, succeed, and take the land.

Rise up in the might of your King.  Let out a mighty shout of victory for our God reigns.  Reach out and touch My hand and unite your heart with Mine, and I will take you forward as one in a mighty march against all that has tried to hinder My work in this land.  Yes, unite ranks and hearts, and begin to praise Me.  Yes, reach out and lean on My faith to take you through.  Don’t trust in your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths.

And yes, I have promised you health and prosperity if you delight yourself in Me.  Put Me first in your heart and in all your ways, and My righteousness will be yours.  For you have a promised package if you love Me and obey Me.  This is the day for quickened blessings.  This is the day to stir up My anointing by basking in My secret place in worship and intimacy.  Draw near to Me and I will draw you even nearer so you will even heart My heart cry for the lost and My heart beating even more for you.

Yes, feed My sheep.  Look out for one another with a kind word of encouragement and a helping hand for you can’t make it on your own.  Include Me always in your agenda.  Don’t leave Me out, because of vanity and independence.  Cast off the pride and unbelief.  And I will show you the way to stand to pull down the strongholds, and once and for all be the bride I called you to be.  Yes, I have called an army of worshipping warriors, a bride with boots on, but you must not entangle yourself with the affairs of the world, and be My kingdom-minded.

This is the day to step out and take the land for I AM calling you to battle, and worship will be your greatest joy and asset that will lead you in the fight.  I have given you My armor.  And I’ve given you My sword and shield.  Your greatest and most powerful weapon besides worship is My love for without love you are nothing against the enemy.  So do not allow the enemy to separate you in any way taking sides over affairs you think are important.  For nothing is more important than My love shared through grace and truth.

This is the day for salvation and to take a stand.  May your heart and mind be pure, and from this day forth walk as a victor in My might.  A new day to you, new beginnings.  All things are passed away, washed in the blood and made whiter than snow.  Nothing to hold you back.  Reap My promises.  Gather the wheat together. Spread My word and be discerning, says your King, for We are going on.


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet.  I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow.  Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.


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