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“Awaken My Children!” — 3 Comments

  1. so when is the time that Trump will be back in Office? 2025? Or is this word stating before then? I really don’t trust any of them….. Thank you , Blessings

  2. These are the Words of the Creator HIMSELF. JESUS CHRIST. King of kings and Lord of lords.
    READ and STUDY HIS Word daily. Don’t be concerned with opinions of ignorant people whose
    arrogance will not PERMIT them to discern the Truth. How ever we boil it down we have WW3 and the Great Tribulation to get through yet. FORGET Covid 19 and all its variants. that’s PEANUTS compared to what will befall Planet Earth WITHIN the life time of many of you reading this (possibly in as little as 10 or 20 years at best and CERTAINLY NOT MUCH MORE). We would DO WELL to heed HIS WORDS. Not smooth words from ill informed people who don’t know better.

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