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  1. This also rings true in all the changes that have happened over the last 12 months – My heart to write songs and sing for people songs of healing and hope and to bring many close to our Saviour.
    May God bless our new direction and church and ministry as it was so hard to leave a place where we faithfully served for 17 years.
    Almighty God be Praised and trusted and followed!

  2. Thank you Jo Ellen. I do appreciate this word as I am seriously waiting on the Lord for guidance into my destiny. God Bles you and Wade. Kind regards!!!

  3. Isaiah 22:22 (NKJV)
    The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; So he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open.

  4. I pray this is for me. I’ve lost everything & don’t understand the place that I’m in. Father don’t forget about me. Please show me the next step and be my courage & strength

  5. Thank you for the word. I needed that today. We have been discouraged for months. We had a house fire on Dec 1st and had to move from our home of 18 years. We moved from PA to KY big change. I was very encouraged to hear that God wanted this move for us for our benefit!  May God bless you!

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