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A Word Regarding Mike Pence — 34 Comments

  1. God has also revealed to me that Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump have been important pawns in the game, at this time. In the spirit world, I have seen them as “Transformer robots,” and I saw Trudeau winning a war between them. During this dream, I was also seduced by the “statue of David de Milo,” who was a semi-naked Trudeau, stating that he was having trouble with his wife. I have seen that these two have a calling to repentance as David danced naked in shame. This means that Trump will have to become a rebuker of his friends, meaning those he confabulated with to get to where he was or who gave him power not yet known. I have seen in visions how he and Islam “found” a power that looked like a creature that was a small, textured blue ball with a red crest. This ball could be used with the mouth or the ear, and it has the power to CHANGE people–change the way words are said, heard, their meaning and even their intention, to the point that your feelings are manipulated, and I daresay even your actions. It plays with your mind like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, but it isn’t. I believed this was wormwood, since I’m a victim and have had the experience firsthand, but God showed me to Revelations 9:11.

  2. Sister… I can confirm some of your words true. God has shown me Mike Pence as wearing the mark of the beast already. He has also told me there would be a Joshua movement and this has already begun. I believe the power of the beast is already here. I have seen the spirit of Jezebel moving in different countries–Russia, USA–and I have seen Islamic spirits moving, even Muhammad as a frog spirit (unclean spirit)–in and out of our countries (Islam into NK, for example), and Muhammad is tied to a terrible judgment on sexual immorality, a prison for the “criminals.” We must endure this judgment. I believe that your Damascus may be the salvation for many. But I have also seen how many are already being deceived. There are angelic powers taking over the nations, and a great war is already being waged on the saints by Jezebel, and, yes, as you said, Judas Iscariot. The last months of Trump’s presidency, I saw a vision of the White House that told me that it was infested. The infestation was of spiritual influences. I have also seen a word for Hollywood, that its rivers are contaminated and that it will burn. I also have received further word from the Bible that the Apollyon is here, that the powers that I’ve witnessed are from Death itself. Through revelation and discernment, I’ve come to believe this spirit arrived at the same time as Donald Trump came into office, and that his being President was what brought it.

  3. This is truly a powerful word, and an exciting one.  Praying for God to bring it to light very soon.  One thing I have learned is how hard it is to be patient for his hand to move.

    • Date:In America 05/17/2022 I understand Mike Pence has the boughtforth the fruit of repentance accepted by Lord God (YaHoVah Elohim)and said through a prophet not to speak bad of Mike Pence anymore.

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