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Just Like the Widow’s Mite — 2 Comments

  1. Sister, I too have a special needs child.  If it is autism you are struggling with, the Lord led us to a product that has worked for us.  It is Bravo yogurt.  We buy the 13 week kit.  The instructions come with it, but you can also find a youtube video on how to make it, and the mars-venus.com website has helpful information as well.  It has greatly reduced our daughters tantrums and she is much more alert and aware of others around her.  Vocabulary and communication have both increased.  There are a few other things He led us to, but the most important is the yogurt (The other two are: #1 Sophia Flow cream…I believe it’s available at the Bravo site, but we haven’t needed to purchase it for quite some time since it lasts forever #2 Advanced TRS Spray…detoxes heavy metals).  It is expensive but has been so worth it. You can buy it online at bravo-probiotic-yogurt.com. If you have questions, I can’t be contacted regarding this because of a post I made on Facebook (research Jeffrey Bradstreet…a doctor linked to GCMaf which is what this yogurt produces…he was killed after the FDA raided his office.  He was finding it very helpful for people with autism, so he was silenced). You can contact a sister in Christ by the name of Micaela Widman. She led us to these products.  Her email is micaelawidman@gmail.com. God bless you!

  2. May God bless you beyond imagination amd thank you for sharing.  My heart goes out to you and I lift you in prayer. I have been caretaker for almost 11 yrs to the same type situation.  I feel your heart and completely understand.  I am tired many days and try to listen to the Bible while sleeping as well as sermons as Infall asleep.  I try to use early morning hours for prayer but I definitely fall short many times.  I pray always that I am giving God enough of me every day and still completing the tasks at hand each day as He has placed before me.  It is not easy but God will continue to bless us with all we need.  I constantly remind myself that I must speak life into my situation and decree victory until it comes.  God Bless

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