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America 2020: Trump and Tea — Nine Days Old! — 19 Comments

  1. I am so glad to hear of your dream. It will be so good to see our enemies bite the dust. Also, great news about Alzheimer’s and Autism that will be a great welcome gift. Thank you for sharing your dream with us, it’s always good to hear what God is saying and doing. God Bless America.

  2. Will the new party be those people that support Pres Trump but find the RINOs lack of support for the President means they are part of the problem and undeserving of their office ?

  3. I Decree! “Tea, tea, tea…. and they shall drink strong brewed tea nine days old…

    The Tea Party in twenty twenty (2020) will shout, “Trump elected again, Trump elected again, Trump elected again!”

    • I LOVE this dream from the Lord! It does not sound strange to me. I love the creativity of our God and how He speaks to each of his prophets in a new and creative way! The more President Trump is immersed in hot water (the attacks of his adversaries), the stronger he becomes, (God will keep pouring more strength into him) like the tea bag in hot water making the tea stronger and stronger. He will make the enemy nations drink the strong and bitter tea of His wrath as our Cyrus brings God’s heavenly strategies against them.

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