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A Strange Dream Concerning America! — 16 Comments

  1. I had a dream recently where I saw President Trump on the steps of Congress with a massive gathering before him. It was a day of victory that I saw
    It didn’t happen in early January but later in 2021 I believe God is bringing Victory

    God gave me two other dreams that have no come to pass yet

  2. I miss Kim Clement! So thankful that God Stoll speaks through his people. So glad we serve an awesome God that keeps us in the palm of his hand.
    Yes, we live in exciting times.  It is so important to keep your ear towards God and hear what he is saying. There is no fear when you rest in His perfect love. Watch the hand of the Lord! He is the power! He is the Truth! Let his Glory come❤️

  3. I watch Kim Clement past videos he gives me hope that God is in control and hoping God did bless this President to save America from the evil around us!

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