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America, God is Not Finished With Trump Yet! — 23 Comments

  1. Though Biden and Harris won…GOD shall not be SILENT. I BELIEVE there’s a balm in Gilead am intern of 40-60 days left b4 HE is sworn in as 46th POTUS in Jan 2021. Prophets and Prophetess prayed & acclaimed God’s chosen for America. JESUS Christ VS Satan & his AntiChrist movement.☝☝☝

  2. A sitting president undermining our political process & questioning the legality of the voices of countless Americans without evidence is not only dangerous & wrong, it undermines the very foundation this nation was built upon. Every American should have his or her vote counted.  Rep. Will Hurd

  3. Thank you for your reassuring words.

    This has been a worrying time watching as the democrats attempt to steal the election, but my faith in God has brought me some peace.

  4. Veronica, what a true word.  This election and the seeming removal of Trump as president for a second term is just another attempt by satan to remove “the one that has the hand of the Lord upon him.” This election will be challenged, corruption brought out and exposed, and the results will be overturned through the court process.  States now declared blue will turn RED when the fraud of the election officials and the puppet masters behind them are revealed .  Give it 70 days and God will give us a 202WON victory.  God does not lie and has said many things that he plans to do through Trump even as rude and abrasive and ill mannered as he can be at times.  He has a heart that fears the Lord and I love him as our president.

    • Dios es bueno y para siempre su misericordia, EL hará lo que tenga que hacer para ejecutar lo que ya salió de su Boca, el pueblo que conoce a su Dios se esforzara y actuará. Creed a mis siervos los profetas y seréis prosperados. Bendigo tu vida verónica y lo que escuchas de parte de Dios, no te detengas, los que ladran están en contra de Dios y de su santa voluntad.

      {HKP Admin: Via Google Translation: “God is good and his mercy forever, HE will do what he has to do to execute what has already come out of his mouth, the people who know their God will strive and act. Believe my servants the prophets and you will be prosperous. I bless your veronica life and what you hear from God, do not stop, those who bark are against God and his holy will.”]

  5. President Trump is our President, Jesus is still THE KING of glory. God is in control, and for whatever reason we are seeing this horrible/wickedness happening right before our eyes ~ God is still always in control. I have been praying for this world, for our country and for our President. Lately I have seen so many people almost making Trump as close to Jesus as they can. It makes me cringe. I will agree that President Trump has been a great President; but, he is just a man. I plan on holding to my faith, faith in Jesus and let Him finish His will for us all.

  6. I feel that God will indeed somehow bring a good conclusion to this election by placing His choice in the White House.  I’m thankful for this word which corresponds with what I feel the lord has spoken to me.

  7. Concerned that you only print the replies that you want others to read. This concerns me. A true prophet would not fear this.
    It is not that I doubt the prophecy, but fact is, it doesn’t looke like the truth. Time will tell. God bless you.

    • Jesus did not invite the Pharisees and Sadducees to speak in his church. False prophets should be turned away at the door.

      When false prophets are silenced, you should rejoice. You should not be concerned.

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