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  1. In regards to 4 score and 7 years ago, I would like to add the following Possible meanings.

    “Score” = 20. The numbers, in the Hebrew, are represented by:
    4 = Dalet = bent over, needy, humble, person
    20 = Kaf = Palm of a hand
    7 = Zayin = Sword, Weapon, and its root means nourishment and sustenance.
    The word picture shows God’s Elect, acknowledging their own weakness, holding The Sword of The Spirit, aka The Word of God, doing Spiritual battle against the principalities and powers on high, while, at the same time, delivering Christ, The Logos, The True Manna of Heaven, to a world suffering from the famine of The Word of God.

    Or, 4 x 20 = 80 = the Hebrew letter Pey. Pey means mouth. Here is a similar word picture of The Two Edged Sword proceeding from The Mouth of Christ, destroying the works of Satan, and bringing The Words of Life to the starving.

    “You shall know The Truth and The Truth will set you Free!”

    “Year” can also mean Season.
    “Ago” has an interesting etymology. Note “AGON”
    ago (adj.)
    “gone, gone by; gone away,” early 14c., a shortened form of agon “departed, passed away,” past participle of a now-obsolete verb ago, agon “to go, proceed, go forth, pass away, come to an end,” from Old English agan. This was formed from a- (1) “away” (perhaps here used as an intensive prefix) + gan “to go” (see go (v.)).

    The meanings for 4 score and 7 years ago may also be prophetic of the Season of The Manchild/Bride Ministry about to go forth, proceed, through the World, to complete and bring to a conclusion YHVH’s Mighty Plan for His True Body and Ekklesia.

    On a more sinister note, subtract 87 from 2020 and you get 1933. A few quick notes on the year 1933.

    >Hitler took power in Germany and a prelude to WW2.
    >FDR became the 32nd President bringing Socialistic reforms to “help” the USA’s economy.
    >1933 was the worst year of the Great Depression.

    But no matter how you look at it, The LORD Wins!!

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