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Are We Blind? — 7 Comments

  1. The only way to true discernment is through prayer and the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray without ceasing for our country and leaders. Our LORD GOD hears the true prayers of HIS people and HE will answer and act upon our prayers in HIS time.

  2. Do you want a border free for all? God made an order of authority and part of it includes obeying laws— if not the result would be chaos! If citizens of another country break the law the answer isn’t for America to do the same and not enforce laws.

  3. Hello Stephen
    Your blog is very interesting, maybe you should check out my comment on the Morning Star Ministries Post on Facebook they recently posted that says “it takes humility to receive the message of God from another person” my comment has hit back at church leadership who failed their test from God!
    Trish Upton.

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