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The Digging of the Wells and the Sowing of Seeds — 3 Comments

  1. I had a vision2/03/16, of being with a crowd of people walking. I then found my self at a well with a man I had date years ago. He was drinking out of a red well bucket!!!  I believe you have given me the interpretation of thar vision. To GOD be the Glory!!!

  2. thank u 3 this word.  I move to TX 2 yrs ago.. in Feb 2019 I n a friend went to a river where God showed to me by revelation that camp meeting were held by this river.. n baptism in the water.. Holy Spirit moving.. that pioneer women n preachers who rode the TX trail to Kanas. prayer over this travel back in 1800. .. so we called 4 th the water of the Holy Spirit, that Holy Spirit would flow again in Bell county b in Belton TX as it is the Belt of Truth.., county seat.. n Temple is the house of God.. the division would stop among the breather.. I also decreed unsolved murders or crimes would be solved…So Monday a 40 yr old victim of murder, with no name was solved..  God told to go to Taylor Tx n re dig the wells of Justice 4 all people.. I went to the hope of Dan moody who was a lawyer n tried the KKK n won.. breaking the back off the KKK in TX, he went on to be Gov of state of TX. I went to his home he was born in.  n where is mother gave brith to him, where she prayer over her infant son , her home, children.. where she spent time with God.. I set in her rocking chair n had a vision of well stopped up by a dead body..  so I command angels to remove the defilement.. threw n meal in the spirit.. chichis salt into the well..  The Holy Spirit fell so much he was knocking me down… no anybody else just me..

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