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  1. Thank you, Veronika.  I always look forward to reading your prophetic words.  I just sent the verse about “Fear Not”, “Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning” to a friend who needed comforting.  I am continuing to trust God over our present situation and looking forward to the day when new life springs forth from God’s Rose Garden.

  2. “Fear not! Though it tarries… wait for it…. for surely I tell you, out of a time of barrenness will come a time of blooming!”

    Throughout Scripture the Lord often tests His people through a process of tarrying, where Israel is required to wait for Moses, Saul for Samuel or the servants for the Master. This is the real test of faith.  May He sustain our faith to enable us to wait!

  3. Hiya Veronika I’m so excited to see how this adventure unfolds. I’m longing to see His majesty revealed to all the world through these events.May Jesus be glorified. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  4. I’m always reminded, when you repost this word, of Wendy Alecs ‘Visions from Heaven’ book. I listen to it often for encouragement, and I know that I know that God knew I was one of the one’s who would desperately need to hear it.
    I listen to the audio version online because I do manual labor. There’s 3 parts to the audio, and toward the end of part 1, she describes Jesus walking through exactly what you’ve described. As Jesus walks through the desolate Garden everything that He passes comes to life!! And there are trees as well. It’s time. We are on top of it I believe…PRAISE GOD!! The laboring was SOO intense and long. I thought it might never end. But in His Goodness and Lovingkindness toward me, He sent you and some others to bring Hope and Encouragement smack-dab into the eye of the storm.
    I’m so grateful.
    Blessings to you and yours Veronica :)

  5. Dear Veronica, There is a man from Alabama named Timothy Dixon. He is a preacher and also drives over the road truck–long haul trucking.  He’s been posting You Tube videos of his dreams and visions.  What he sees and says will happen is the same thing you’ve been saying the Lord told you.  If you google him I think watching his videos would refresh you. You aren’t alone. On Feb. 23 he said that the Lord told him to tell America “In 30 days” the whirlwind of God’s convicting presence would blow into the capital.  His visions include a lion and a whirl wind–two things that have been in your dreams/visions.  I always look for what you post and look to see if there’s something new from him.  Google Brother Timothy Dixon, prophetic dreams, truck driver.  He is from Alabama and his grammar is “country boy”–but he really comes off humble and genuine.  I pray for you and appreciate you. Wes Daughenbaugh, http://www.EncouragementExpert.com (my web site)

    • I’ve been listening to Timothy Dixon also for the last week, I just found out about his dreams, they do line up with Veronica West.  The whirlwind, the Lion and Pastor Dana’s Conestoga wagon dream, amazing!  Robbin Bullock, Amanda Grace, Liberty from Spirit Winds ministry, Mario Murrilo, Pastor Dana Coverstone, Lance Wallanu, Kat Kerr, Dutch Sheets are all standing!  Amen

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