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Victory, Truth, Light and God’s Glory — 3 Comments

  1. Morning prophetess of the most Highplease pray for my ministry , financial breakthrough, land and committed members.  Thankyou.

  2. Hello good morning and happy Monday. All I am asking for is that you please pray for me. My oldest daughter and I had an altercation last year. It was provoked and recorded by the people we were living with at the time. My children and I had never had an incident like this before. I am now facing criminal charges for spanking my 12 year old last year. I have been involved with dhs since and have not seen or spoken to my girls since that day arraignments wednesday I am afraid I havent been in trouble before. Please pray for me.  I am holding onto to my faith for this one. Thank you for your time and prayers. Be blessed

    • I pray justice be met to you and decree open doors of restoration and reconciliation to you children and no weapon formed against you shall prosper, I pray God’s angels go before you to minister to the courts and justice system and bind enemy agenda to divide and separate and loose truth and establish you in Jesus name Amen. If there is any unforgiveness in your heart sis, let this be addressed by giving it to God as this will not help your prayers be answered. I pray Gods peace and joy overflow you.

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